Get ST-Ericsson multimedia solution out in the open

Registered by Patrik Ryd

The goal is to take the ST-Ericsson multimedia solution from one of the internal Android projects and push it as binaries to and then integrate it in the landing-snowball build at Linaro.

The code from the an internal project for NovaThor U8500 (similar Nova A9500 in Snowball) will be taken as is (if possible), be reconfigured and built together with a landing_snowball build with a linaro toolchain.

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Needs approval
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 2012q1
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.04
Started by
Patrik Ryd
Completed by
Patrik Ryd

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[2012/1/3 patrik-ryd] Created BP - first draft
[2012/1/11 patrik-ryd] Builds, but some patches missing. Close to first boot.
[2012/1/12 patrik-ryd] Have all patches and dependencies we need. Starting a clean build.
[2012/1/18 patrik-ryd] Trying to solve a crash in mali driver at boot.
[2012/1/23 pfefferz] Moving out to 12.02
[2012/2/1 patrik-ryd] Slow progress on the FOSS tasks. John has added missing audio code. Does not boot at the moment.
[2012/2/15 patrik-ryd] Slow progress. Video has been decoded.
[2012/2/20 pfefferz] Moving to 12.03
[2012/2/20 patrik-ryd] Slow progress. It works!!! Now we just need to rebase and deliver.
[2012/2/28 pfefferz] Change Roadmap id from ANDROID2011-ICS-LEB to ANDROID2012-HW-ACCELERATION
[2012/3/5 mansson] [john.xj.fredricsson] handle FM Radio: DONE Work Item removed. There is no such h/w on Snowball.
[2012/3/28 patrik-ryd] Builds after rebase and adding #ifdef STERICSSON_CODEC_SUPPORT
[2012/3/30] Bumping to 12.04
[2012/4/12 patrik-ryd] All pathes in the open on a Snowball 4.0.3 branch. Has build problems
[2012/4/18 patrik-ryd] Only some test remaining.
[2012/4/18 patrik-ryd] tested video h264 and mpeg4 (different sizes) and AAC, MP3 and PCM audio.

Headline: Linaro Android for Snowball now has support for hardware accelerated multimedia.
Acceptance: Linaro Android for Snowball now has support for hardware accelerated multimedia.


Work Items

Work items:
[patrik-ryd] Internal ST-Ericsson process step FOSS IN submit: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Toolchain FOSS IN request: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Internal ST-Ericsson process step FOSS IN acceptance: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Internal ST-Ericsson process step FOSS OUT submit: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Internal ST-Ericsson process step FOSS OUT acceptance: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Set up an internal manifest: DONE
[john-xj-fredriksson-deactivatedaccount] Code delivery to mpoirier: DONE
[mpoirier] Boot modAPE distribution on snowball: DONE
[mpoirier] Get mmc working on modAPE: DONE
[mpoirier] Get smsc91x working on modAPE: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Build Linaro Android with MM as source with Linaro tool chain: DONE
Patch "STELP" to work with the tool chain: DONE
[patrik-ryd] Rebase patches to latest Linaro Android: DONE
[mpoirier] Push current enablement to android-build private build: DONE
Build Linaro Android with MM as binaries: DONE
Remove the changes that were not approved for FOSS out: DONE
Code/binary delivery to Igloo: DONE
Integrate patches and binaries from Igloo in Linaro Android: DONE
Some kind of test: DONE

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