Move the multimedia patches for snowball to the common 4.0.4 branch

Registered by Patrik Ryd on 2012-04-04

The patches for supporting the hardware accelerated multimedia for Snowball was delivered to a snowball specific 4.0.3 based branch.

The patches should be moved from the snowball_mm_4.0.3 branch to the linaro_android_4.0.4 branch for the following gits:

 * device/linaro/snowball
 * system/core
 * hardware/libhardware
 * hardware/libhardware_legacy
 * frameworks/base
 * bionic
 * frameworks/media/libvideoeditor

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Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 2012q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.06
Started by
Patrik Ryd on 2012-04-16
Completed by
Patrik Ryd on 2012-06-25

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[2012/4/1 patrik-ryd] First draft
[2012/4/16 patrik-ryd] Started looking at moving the patches while I wait for the kernel hackers to solve the "DMA problem".
[2012/4/18 patrik-ryd] Have all the patches on a 4.0.4 branch. Need to test it before I put in the #ifdefs
[2012/4/20 patrik-ryd] Tested a 4.0.4 based build successfully.
[2012/4/23 asac] guess this did not land in time for the RC cut?
[2012/4/24 patrik-ryd] Still working on this. Did not make it to 12.04.
[2012/4/30 patrik-ryd] When done with the this BP create
[2012/4/30 pfefferz] Shifting to 12.05. Patrik is making good progress.
[2012/4/30 patrik-ryd] The panda build does not boot. Do not know yet if it is caused by the snowball patches. :(
[2012/5/2 patrik-ryd] Need to sprinkle some more #ifdefs on the code.
[2012/5/2 patrik-ryd] Have asked St-Ericsson for a new vendor tarball
[2012/5/ patrik-ryd] Created needed for creating the build.
[2012/5/7 patrik-ryd] New orders from Zach. He wants the patches on a separate branch.
[2012/5/9 patrik-ryd] Origen works well, panda has problems (probably panda related) will push patches for review.
[2012/5/9 patrik-ryd] Origen not tested correctly. retesting
[2012/5/9 patrik-ryd] Origen works well, will push patches for review.
[2012/5/11 patrik-ryd] It was decided today to push all the patches except the ifdef patches since they made the snowball unstable. A new BP will be created for adding ifdefs and one for moving to the common branch.
[2012/5/14 patrik-ryd] snowball-ics-gcc47-igloo-stable-blob build created. Works with the current vendor tarball (4.6 based)
[2012/5/16 patrik-ryd]
The patches broke one one the snowball builds. We have decided to revert the patches. Will add work items below to get back to a good state and create a new BP to get the patches in again. It was decided to put the patches back "one by one" without breaking the other builds.
and for meeting notes.
[2012/5/21 pfefferz] linaro_android_4.0.4_snowball has been reverted, from there we're going to put patches on linaro_android_4.0.4_snowball_mm.
[2012/5/29 pfefferz] Bumping to 12.06. Needed to take a more step by step approach.
[2012/6/13 patrik-ryd] Patch set 2 sent for review
[2012/6/18 patrik-ryd] Patch set 4 sent for review. Investigating if the leftover should go into patch set 5.
[2012/6/20 patrik-ryd] Decided not to do the 5:th patch set. Nothing important in the leftovers when comparing the features on the 4.0.3 mm branch for snowball and the 4.0.4 mm branch for snowball. Stride for cameras and audio output latency for a2dp BT audio. We can add it later if ever needed.
[2012/6/25 patrik-ryd] Everything is done except maybe the last work item. Need to check with mathieu before updating the last work item.
[2012/6/25 patrik-ryd] points to the linaro_android_4.0.4 branch of the manifest git. Last WI done -> BP = Implemented.

Headline: Linaro Android for Snowball now has support for hardware accelerated multimedia.
Acceptance: Snowball patches for mm is now on the same branch as all other patches


Work Items

Work items:
Move the patches to 4.0.4 (locally): DONE
Add #ifdefs where needed to coexist with other boards: DONE
Create a new build with the changes: DONE
Test that mm still works on Snowball: DONE
Test that Panda and Origen still works: DONE
Add even more ifdefs: DONE
Push for review.: DONE
If needed get a new vendor.tar.bz2 from ST-Ericsson.: DONE
Revert the all the patches: DONE
Validate reverted linaro_android_4.0.4_snowball run's in both Snowball and Panda: DONE
Re-merge patches one-by-one: DONE
Merge patchset 1: DONE
I405039f3 Added pixel format YCBCR42XMBN (MERGED): DONE
I1281fa39 removing trailing white space to TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM (MERGED): DONE
I963417aa ST-Ericsson proprietary code and codecs support. (MERGED): DONE
Icbe1e1f6 Configure build to be able to build multimedia from ST-Ericsson (MERGED): DONE
Ib088e5b8 Bionic: Add compdev header file (MERGED): DONE
I9a95c29d bionic: update android_pmem.h for new IOCTLs (MERGED): DONE
I3f508f00 kernel headers: add/update STE MM used headers (MERGED): DONE
Merge patchset 2: DONE
I1a89e00f origen: linking propreitary shared libraries (MERGED) : DONE
I16655047 BluetoothEventLoop: Fix build in ISO C++11 mode (MERGED) : DONE
Ib2ffe498 base: Fix build in ISO C++ 11 mode (MERGED) : DONE
Ie71fe577 Enable -DSTERICSSON_CODEC_SUPPORT for all native code. : DONE
I4146d6be Add ST-Ericsson pixel formats and conversions. : DONE
I65c45bd1 Adding the header file for copybit : DONE
I849283ad Reintroduce old pixel formats to support ST-Ericsson multimedia : DONE
Merge patchset 3: DONE
Ibb91e433: Gralloc: Adding required ST-Ericsson changes to gralloc. : DONE
Merge patchset 4: DONE
If5d1fff7 Snowball: Adding ST-Ericson multimedia extension: DONE
I10164cd8 FM Radio: Add FM Radio support for ICS: DONE
I8f56d8f0 Add #ifdef STERICSSON_CODEC_SUPPORT for ST-Ericsson modifications. : DONE
Ifb2df707 Adds enum's for various Audio formats. : DONE
Ib29a1f8d FM Radio: Add FM Radio support for ICS : DONE
I0497a93b Add #ifdef STERICSSON_CODEC_SUPPORT for ST-Ericsson modifications. : DONE
I9f77e17b FM Radio: Add FM Radio support for ICS : DONE
Ie4275955 Add #ifdef STERICSSON_CODEC_SUPPORT for ST-Ericsson modifications. : DONE
Update manifest to use the linaroandroid_snowball_mm branch : DONE
[mpoirier] Move the builds to use the new manifest. : DONE

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