Enable Mali on Snowball Jellybean Build

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2012-08-21

For engineers that want to use Jellybean on Snowball with accelerated graphics.

This is part of our platform work.

What gets produced?
A Snowball baseline that runs Jellybean with Mali enabled.

Where will the work get put?

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 2012q3
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.09
Started by
Patrik Ryd on 2012-08-28
Completed by
Zach Pfeffer on 2012-09-24


[2012/8/21 pfefferz] Put notes here please.
[2012/8/22 patrikryd] Some WI move here from https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/snowball-jellybean
[2012/8/28 patrikryd] The internal build has problems with active wallpaper. Preparing the delivery and should be able to deliver once the wallpaper problem is solved.
[2012/8/29 patrikryd] Ran into some problems with the delivery. Things would have been much easier if the snowball team had done what the planned and committed to do. :(
[2012/9/04 patrikryd] The internal packing script has problems packing the vendor tarball. Testing the patches (without vendor tarball) on a snowball and a panda build on hackbox.
[2012/9/05 patrikryd] Both Panda and Snowball builds ok on hackbox.
[2012/9/05 patrikryd] The version of the gits in the tarball are not in sync and does not match the packing script. Need to rebase a few patches on the "build system".
[2012/9/10 patrikryd] Waiting for internal delivery of the tarball (from the System Integration org) to me so I can test the tarball before delivery.
[2012/9/14 patrikryd] Received a vendor tarball from SI yesterday evening. The test build on hackbox chrashed on boot. Investigating.
[2012/9/14 patrikryd] Problem found. gralloc.snowball.so missing after packing. Patch submitted and
packing started again at SI.
[2012/9/17 patrikryd] Still waiting for new delivery from SI after fixing the gralloc.snowball.so issue.
[2012/9/19 patrikryd] Have verified the vendor tarball -> Time to deliver !!!
[2012/9/20 patrikryd] Patches reviewed and merged.
[2012/9/20 patrikryd] https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/snowball-jb-gcc47-igloo-stable-blob/#build=67 tested OK.
[2012/9/20 patrikryd] The problem the snowball team is debugging is actually https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+bug/979582
[2012/9/24 patrikryd] Everything done except the the ST-Ericsson snowball team will deliver a bug fix for live wallpaper. Should not take long now that I have pointed out the internal commit that solves the problem.
[2012/9/24 pfefferz] Removed "Debug platform issues (ST-E India 2012/9/14): INPROGRESS" it captured in the bug.

Headline: Snowball works with accelerated graphics support
Acceptance: The Mali libs have been integrated into the Android baseline and work


Work Items

Work items:
Once Snowball boots in software rendering mode, add graphics: DONE
Build with MALI support internally at ST-Ericsson: DONE
Get tarball from internal ST-E team (Maria): DONE
Testing internal Mali support patches on hackbox: DONE
Commit patches and send for review: DONE
Deliver a new vendor tarball: DONE
Upload vendor tarball to igloo, see https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/UploadVendorBinaries: DONE
Get the patches cleaned and past the gatekeeper: DONE
Get the patches into the Linaro Android code base: DONE
Fix repo sync issues with STE strip and pack: DONE

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