Run Jellybean on Snowball

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2012-07-26

For engineers that want to use Jellybean on Snowball.

This is part of our platform work.

What gets produced?
A Snowball baseline that runs Jellybean.

Where will the work get put?

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Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 2012q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.08
Started by
Patrik Ryd on 2012-07-26
Completed by
Patrik Ryd on 2012-08-28

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[2012/7/25 pfefferz] Put notes here please.
[2012/07/26 patrik-ryd] Manifest created
[2012/07/26 patrik-ryd] Set up a temporary build at (Not sure about the name for the official build)
[2012/07/27 patrik-ryd] Booted Snowball without MALI support this morning.
[2012/07/27 patrik-ryd] There is now a
[2012/07/31 patrik-ryd] (build 6) built successfully for the first time.
[2012/08/01 patrik-ryd] After the sync meeting yesterday with the ST-Ericsson Snowball team it is clean that it will be hard to get MALI support, that we will have to stay on the 3.4 kernel for a while and we need to spin up a tracking build based on the linaro-linux kernel.
[2012/08/17 patrik-ryd] I have a build with MALI support internally at ST-Ericsson. UI is accelerated, but othe GL stuff crashes.
[2012/08/21 patrik-ryd] We need to fix the tracking build. The manifest must be updated with beros latest changes. He updated all but the snowball tracking manifest. Fix the gator build problem.
[2012/08/21 patrik-ryd] We need something like for Snowball to solve the defconfig problem for staging snowball
[2012/08/22 patrik-ryd] Setting "Add any Snowball specific gits to all manifest " to DONE since there are none.
[2012/08/22 patrik-ryd] Moving the WIs for the tracking build to the BP (Update the tracking manifest to be in sync with the rest: INPROGRESS, Tracking build fails because of defconfig does not exist. fix it. : TODO)
[2012/08/22 patrik-ryd] Movied all MALI related WI that are not done yet to
[2012/08/22 patrik-ryd] The snowball team will never deliver MM for JB. Abandoning WI.
[2012/08/23 patrik-ryd] The updated manifest for tracking was merge yesterday. It is now in sync with the rest.
[2012/8/27] Split out multimedia, new BP, in the backlog.
[2012/8/27 patrik-ryd] Tested for release.

Headline: Snowball has been upgraded to JB
Acceptance: Snowball has been upgraded to JB


Work Items

Work items:
Create a manifest from Bero's main manifest using the best kernel available: DONE
Add any Snowball specific gits to all manifest (to keep them in sync): DONE
Create a stable blob build and make sure that build can compile: DONE
Create a tracking build based on linux-linaro: DONE
Fix tracking build problem with gator during build.: DONE
Build and boot a local build with MALI: DONE
Fix license problem in device/linaro/common: DONE
Update the tracking manifest to be in sync with the rest: DONE
Fix tracking build problem with gator during build.: DONE
[kejun-zhou] Debug kernel issues: DONE
[kejun-zhou] Checking the sdcard partition missing issue: DONE
[kejun-zhou] Check /system/core/libsupend fails to write /sys/power/state issue (can't reproduced): DONE
[kejun-zhou] Go through tests file bugs: DONE
Test release build: DONE
Verify installation instructions: DONE

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