Integrate the pm-qa tests into Linaro's Android builds

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pm-qa is the test infrastructure that the PM WG has created to test what it builds. We need to integrate this into the Android builds to run the PM WGs tests and provide these tests pre-integrated for others.

We do this as part of our general platform effort.

What gets produced?
All builds have pm-qa integrated.

Where will the work get put?'s builds.

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Kejun ZHOU
Series goal:
Accepted for 2012q1
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.07
Started by
Tony Mansson
Completed by
Zach Pfeffer



[2012/2/28 pfefferz] Put notes here.
[2012/3/27] Shifting to 12.04.
[2012/4/10 kejun-zhou] CPUIDLE only has now. Wait for Power team's full delivery.
[2012/4/12 kejun-zhou] We need a git for the test/linaro/pm/pm-qa in
[2012/4/16 kejun-zhou] Something wrong with the git:// /pm/pm-qa.git. I can't push the pm-qa.
[2012/4/30 pfefferz] Shifting to 12.05 since there are some outstanding WIs.
[2012/5/29 pfefferz] Changes to pm-qa turned out to require larger changes for Android
[2012/6/06 kejun-zhou] Upload pm-qa LAVA test.
[2012/6/19 kejun-zhou] bc software for pm-qa is available at git:// We need to add bc into external/bc/ and Android manifest.xml.
[2012/6/25 pfefferz] Work didn't make it into a build. Shifting to 12.07 to finish.
[2012/7/1 kejun-zhou] udevadm and cpuhotplug are blocked at the kernel feature
[2012/7/1 kejun-zhou] thermal have been implemented yet by PMWG
[2012/7/1 kejun-zhou] pm_trace of Android is different to Ubuntu's. I think PWMG should make some change
[2012/7/23 pfefferz] PM team has been asked to support their own work in Android. They will get the rest.
[2012/7/25 pfefferz] Who marked this In Progress?
[2012/8/1 pfefferz] I'm not sure who marked this as "In Progress," but its actually done.

Headline: cpuidle has been integrated into Snowball
Acceptance: cpuidle has been integrated into Snowball


Work Items

Work items:
Get patchset from Amit Kucheria: DONE
Get 3.3 kernel from Mathieu Poirier: DONE
Define test steps in DONE
Integrate and test cpuidle in DONE
Debug why there's high current during cpuidle on Snowball: DONE
Send email to bero about compile issues: DONE
Make and in the PMWG's git: DONE
Send patches for review: DONE
Send changes to the PMWG to build code in Android: DONE
Upload git to test/linaro/pm/pm-qa: DONE
Integrate and test cpuidle in TODO
Integrate and test cpuidle in TODO
Integrate and test cpuidle in TODO
Integrate and test cpuidle in TODO
Modify make based test run: DONE
Use busybox grep not regular grep or other method to get busybox grep (like installing it): DONE
Test cpuidle in 12.06: DONE
Upload pm-qa LAVA test: DONE
Figure out all the functions not in Android: DONE
(1)bc: DONE
(2)taskset: DONE
(3)udevadm: DONE
(4)pm-suspend: DONE
Figure out all the utilities not in Android: DONE
(1) sudo: DONE
Figure out all the kernel dependencies: DONE
(1)cpuidle: DONE
Reproduce Hongbo's Ubuntu environment: DONE
Send pm-qa patchset: DONE
Answer Daniel's questions regarding why wildcard doesn't work: DONE
Add git:// in Android manifest.xml: DONE
Add git:// in Android manifest.xml: DONE
Add patch for busybox to enable "taskset" feature: DONE
Create a test build on with the manifest added: DONE
Define what has to be done to unblock udevadm: DONE
Define what has to be done to unblock cpuhotplug: DONE
Retest new pm-qa available in 12.07: DONE
Get an ETA for thermal implementation by the PMWG: DONE
Expand on pm_trace on Android differences: DONE
Add a test for pm-qa to and test it with a 12.07 release: DONE
Add pm-qa wiki DONE
Port git:// to Android system: DONE

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