Update Origen Android/Kernel to 3.4

Registered by Annamalai Lakshmanan

Upgrade Origen to the 3.3 kernel with hardware enablement.

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Zach Pfeffer
Annamalai Lakshmanan
Annamalai Lakshmanan
Series goal:
Accepted for 2012q1
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.05
Started by
Annamalai Lakshmanan
Completed by
Annamalai Lakshmanan

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[2012/4/3 pfefferz]: Put notes here.
[Annamalai]: Completed the Following:
[2012/5/9 Annamalai ]: ANDROID is successfully coming UP on Linaro 3.4 rc-3 Origen
1) Compiled 4.0.4, FB Wakeup, Sleep issue is resolved.
2) Completed the gralloc changes required for display driver updated(few ioctl mis-matches)
3)Debugging HW rendering, 3D MALI integration, temporarily disabled both of them, and currently enabled SW rendering and EGL Android libs
4)Enabled Power Management support
5)Disabled Low Level Debugging and Early Printk's
6)Cleaned Up and submitted Kernel patches
7)Touch integration completed.
8)Pushed Gerrit changes for Android
[2012/5/4 Annamalai]
9)Rebasing to f 3.4 kernel is completed
10)Sent patches for Main Line FB driver, for Overlay support and Multiple window support
[2012/5/6 Annamalai]
11) Made a significant progress in OMX-IL, and Post Processor in updating the HAL as per Main Line V4L drivers
12) Performed a detailed timing analysis and identify the root cause problem with Main Line decoder driver, working in fix and Main Lining the patch, the current decoder driver does not support
Frame Tagging required my OMX-IL for AV-Sync
13) Debugging decoder driver for Stream Off error
14) Completed the Android updates for FB driver changes.
15) Working on HDMI video playback, completed the development, but working on integration and bug -fixing, HDMI graphics layer integration is completed
16) HDMI Integration is complete for Video and Graphics
17) Found that Video Playback performance issue is with kernel and not at Android level, working with main-line engineers for RCA.
18) 3D HW acceleration is Integrated
19) Media Playback AV-Sync issue is resolved
20) Media Player performance issue resolved, Clock setting was not correct for MFC, FIMC and FB drivers.
21)1080p 30fps is working
22)Still debugging the final issue, stream off failure with post-processor, fail to release of resources in FIMC driver
23) Added Boot Loader patches for clock IP's
24) Enabled VSYNC support in FB1 for Video Playback, Smoothness acheieved
25) FB Close had a problem, resolved and able to play video multiple times
26) Power Management, UMM, IOMMU, DRM are all moved to next cycle
27) Released all Android Patches
28) Working with LT to synchronize uboot and kernel releases as well
29) Coordinated with sangwook for wifi release on 12.05
30) Prepared vendor.tar.bz2 for 12.05
31) Final fixing and optimizing video HDMI pipe lining on going

32)HDMI pipeline is optimized, looks like certain cards are faster
that others, this is also cause few performance issues with video playback as well.
So It is generally suggested to use a faster card with good quality vendor :-)
33) Working On IOMMU integration and investigation, need to check if IOMMU integration is possible with current setup without much of UMM components and get the MM drivers working

[2012/4/30 pfefferz] Annamalai and Tushar are makeing good progress on this.

Current Task;
[2012/5/8 Annamalai]
Implemented Frame Tag support in kernel and Android.
Video playback working well for smaller resolutions for MPEG4 and H264
1080p causes performance issues, overall decoding and processing time is large.
performing an RCA and more timing analysis for find the problem
HDMI video playback is being debugged/integrated
[2012/5/16] All Release is Done

Headline: The kernel on Origen has been upgraded to 3.4
Acceptance: Origen boots up on a 3.4 kernel with full enablement


Work Items

Work items:
Download kernel and establish setup: DONE
Rebase the Android Components in 3.4 landing team kernel, work against linux-linaro-tracking (talk to Andrey Konovalov): DONE
Resolving FB Wakeup, Sleep issue: DONE
Gralloc changes required for display driver updates: DONE
Enabling SW Rendering, Disabling HW Rendering: DONE
Video Plaback, HW Acceleration: DONE
Post Processor Stream OFF Issue: DONE
CODEC integration(V4l2): DONE
Post-Processor Integration: DONE
Performance Issue of Video Playback: DONE
FB Overlay Integration: DONE
Touch Driver support: DONE
Input Driver support: DONE
3D HW Acceleration: DONE
HDMI Graphics Support: DONE
HDMI Video Support: DONE
SD-Card Mount issue: DONE
Final HDMI rendering optimization: DONE
Adb issue : DONE
Test: DONE
Release: DONE

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