Android ICS on Versatile Express and Beyond

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Linaro has ICS running on ARMs Versatile Express A9 system. This session will discuss running Android on this and any future systems from ARM. This session will be a great opportunity to plan for extending existing support on the ARM Versitle Express systems and look towards the future.

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Zach Pfeffer
Tixy (Jon Medhurst)
Tixy (Jon Medhurst)
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Accepted for 2012q1
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Zach Pfeffer
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Zach Pfeffer

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The goal of this session is to come up with a plan to make Versatile Express A9 all green and/or any follow on board all green.

Test Results:

Discuss 11.11 - 12.01 test results
Review current state of ICS on Versatile Express A9
Discuss upcoming features


How to make Vexpress A9 (and subsequent vexpress boards) all green.

What is the future of vexpress?
    - A5/A9/A15
    - A15 Core Tiles are new
    - current Android release works on A15 with the correct device tree blob
    - vexpress flashes using USB mass storage
    - flash bootloader manually onto the board

ARM use FPGA tiles to run graphics on vexpress, eg mali GPUs
    - used to develop the drivers
    - used to fix Android problems, for example
    - Can LT provide binary overlay of GPU support for these tiles?
        - only of use for people with those tiles
        - could a Linaro Platform engineer help with this?
            - not likely as availability of FPGA tiles is limited
            - not even LT have them

Zach: LT should worry about BSP, ARM Mali ppl should worry about the graphics and we should work 3 ways, rather than Zach only going through the LT.

What else for the future?
- Remote debugging? Android have the infrastructure to allow people to remote debug boards, so people can install stuff on a board and run it - not replacing the OS.
- Allows benchmarking
    - relative benchmarking, eg, % since last build

What interest does RTSM have for Android/Platform?
    - Is there a Community Edition? No. LT is not included in plans for this

Android testing:
    - vexpress platform has missing suport on 3 levels:
        - missing hardware (eg. video accel., power management)
        - missing kernel support
        - missing BSP support (eg. USB OTG)

LT needs to enable IPv6
    - but ethernet stops working, so we can't just do that yet, but it should be possible.

What interest does RTSM have for Android/Platform?
    - Is there a Community Edition? No. LT is not included in plans for this
Bluetooth should work, but the tests show it fails

USB ADB never going to work. No driver support (OTG). Can run it over ethernet, but eth is slower than USB.

USB Camera - that would be useful. It should work as Vexpress has USB Host support. Android use Logitech 9000, 720p version. Zach can give us a camera. Let's hack in the Android hacking room when our vexpress board arrives from Jesse this afternoon.

Renaming vexpress-a9 to vexpress
    - speak to Paul FalconT
    - single manifest file is very close, so perhaps we rename it when we get it

A15 Core Tiles

Resume will never work 90%
0xbench isn't running - native, should
adb could work, need USB drivers
USB Host

Platform Specific Bits


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