Integrate Linaro Toolchain for Android into build infrastructure

Registered by Jim Huang on 2011-03-02

Work items:
Build and verify Android with the Linaro Toolchain for LEB
Maintain linaro-toolchain + android patches in
Integrate Linaro toolchain into build infrastructure and coordinate related resources

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Alexander Sack
Jim Huang
Needs approval
Jim Huang
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.05
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.04
Started by
Jim Huang on 2011-03-02
Completed by
Alexander Sack on 2011-04-28

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[JamieBennett, 06-04-2011]; Set to essential.
[asac, apr 21 2011]: release place should be if there is a relesae tarball tell jamiebennett and he will release
[asac, apr 28 2011]: jserv packaged april toolchain and is available here:
[asac, apr 29 2011]: build works again; however, booting the build doesnt show output of monitor. please file a bug on that!!

After discussing with asac, we would like to maintain the following repositories:
 * android/toolchain/build.git
 * android/toolchain/manifests.git
 * android/toolchain/gcc-patches.git

And, we need an approach to ensure "stable Linaro toolchain" release from build system. Therefore,
it is better to fetch and build from scratch by certain downloadable URL.


Work Items

Work items:
Quick fix the errors resulting from "-Werror" in Android 2.3 tree: DONE
Make sure minimal changes for DONE
Toolchain binary delivery: DONE
Ensure Toolchain Binaries get produced by build service: DONE
validate toolchain binary for a release: DONE
rebuilt on older machine for ABI: DONE
Follow Android Honeycomb's way, we rebuilt Linaro Android on Ubuntu 8.10 x86 machine: DONE
Announce once our "main" android tree is fixed and toolchain is available: DONE
build and package april 2011 toolchain release: DONE
[asac] decide on release place for toolchain binary and bake release with documentation: DONE
[asac] verify that toolchain builds the toolchain-dev branch: DONE
update benchmark results with april toolchain: DONE

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