Linaro Toolchain 4.5 2011.06 Package for Android 11.06

Registered by Alexander Sack on 2011-05-20

update toolchain package with linaro toolchain 11.05 that works on lucid or later ubuntu installs (both x86 and amd64).

Last candidate version was:

Also integrate platform code changes needed to allow to use that toolchain and still boot on panda and beagle to UI.

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Jim Huang
Jim Huang
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.06
Started by
Jim Huang on 2011-06-16
Completed by
Jim Huang on 2011-06-24


Headline: Android can now be built with Linaro's 4.4 and 4.5 GCC, 4.6 is in the works.

Deployed on cloud-buildd as part of


[asac]: plese dont put comments in work items ... those will break the tracker parser.
[jserv] More efforts might be required if we would like to automate as wiki:
[jserv] Think of the possibility to reuse some infrastructure from LAVA.
[jserv] our policy is to build x86 32-bit toolchain always.
[jserv] I don't think we need to build toolchain every day. At least for 11.05 target.
[jserv] Enable bzr build of gcc-linaro
[asac] yes, we dont need to produce dailies, but builds should in general come from the official builders so whether its build every day or not doesnt matter. official builders is the part that matters to me here.
[jserv] Let's move "setup daily toolchain build" into another blueprint in order to make sure we can reach milestone.
[jserv] AOSP toolchain build script introduced a bug during installation. workaround by
[asac] toolchain has overoptimization problems. Hence we didn't get this spec done. moving to next cycle/milestone
[jserv] 0xdroid is an example using Linaro toolchain:
[jserv] Plan to bump math package versions:
@@ -249,7 +249,8 @@ ${ARG_TOOLCHAIN_SRC_DIR}/build/configure \
   --with-binutils-version=2.20.1 \
- --with-gmp-version=4.2.4 \
- --with-mpfr-version=2.4.1
+ --with-gmp-version=5.0.2 \
+ --with-mpfr-version=3.0.1 \
+ --with-mpc-version=0.9 \

 make && make install

[zpfeffer] I think this BP is done. The benchmarks are posted on The benchmarks are also available in the console output from the validation lab. For example:

Also, Michael Hope's team releases the toolchain, so I'm not sure what else is left to do. Jim would you remove
the last to items and spawn other BPS if you think there's more work left?
[jserv] linaro toolchain for Linaro was uploaded.


Work Items

Work items:
manually create a toolchain package for 2011.06 gcc: DONE
verify that the toolchain package works on lucid, maverick, natty x86 and amd64: DONE
create an example platform branch for pandaboard and beagleboard that builds with that toolchain and results boot: DONE
produce benchmarks results for the release notes that will be shipped alongside the toolchain: DONE

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