Document Booting the Igloo Android A Release with Linaro Tools

Registered by Frans Gifford on 2011-09-09

Pull Snowball Android A-release from into android-build.

The scope for this BP has been reduced to try out the Igloo Android A-release and document what had to be done to boot it on one of our V2 snowball boards. The reason for reducing the scope was the license problem.

Documentation on how to boot the Igloo Android A-release from SD-card on a V2 snowball can be found at

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Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
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Series goal:
Proposed for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.09
Started by
Patrik Ryd on 2011-09-20
Completed by
Patrik Ryd on 2011-09-22

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Snowball Android A-release from can be built from android-build.

Snowball Android A-release can be built on

[fgiff, 20110913] Closing this BP may also close this bug:
[fgiff, 20110912] "A-release" name comes internally from STE, igloocommunity don't appear to have kept it/been told about it.
[fgiff, 20110909] Note that A-release is Android 2.3.4 with 2.6.35 kernel and does not have WLAN or GPS support.
[patrikryd, 20110913] Added some workitems, (wikipage, build with and without special ST-Ericsson gits, write BP for modifying LAMC, define android "hw-pack" (find a better word here))
[patrikryd, 20110919] Updated work items before approval/review.
[patrikryd, 20110920] Sent question to Patrik Klinger (ST-Ericsson) asking if we could get a nicer license on vendor/st-ericsson/snowball.git and vendor/st-ericsson/build.git.
[patrikryd, 20110920] After sync with Zach today we agreed that the goal for 11.09 will to just builds the igloo code and document how to and check if lamc can be used directly. Main reason is the license problem.
[patrikryd, 20110921] Putting most items to POSTPONED since I'm blocked by license problems.
[patrikryd, 20110922] Booted the Igloo Snowball A-release from SD-card on a V2 snowball and documented the few changes needed on the page
[pfefferz, 20111003] The name of this BP was changed to reflect the work that got done on it. The remaining WIs do not reflect the original intent of this BP. These BPs:, and have been filed to further break this work down.


Work Items

Work items:
Check we can host the gits and comply with the STE licensing.: DONE
Make sure the Igloo A release builds and boot on Snowball V2. : DONE
Build the igloo builds and document the steps if blocked by license problems : DONE
"mirror" (extract from tarball and push to the git we can mirror at Linaro: POSTPONED
If necessary modify build to work on Snowball V2 : POSTPONED
Rebuild (local build) Snowball Android A-release from mirror (manually adding ST-Ericsson proprietary gits): POSTPONED
Rebuild (local build) Snowball Android A-release from mirror(without ST-Ericsson proprietary gits): POSTPONED
Set up a build on to build the A-release from the mirror: POSTPONED
Investigate if it is possible to create and overlay tarball based on the ST-Ericsson proprietary gits: POSTPONED
Write new BP for modifying LAMC to add binaries to a build without ST-Ericsson proprietary gits. : POSTPONED
Define what igloocommunity must pack as prebuilt binaries (overlay tarball) to work with modified LAMC: POSTPONED

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