Produce boottarball that includes rootfs, kernel and bootloader

Registered by Alexander Sack on 2011-03-30

Instead of building the current "home made" roottarballtarget we should use the Andoid target boottarball. This tar ball should contain a kernel and u-boot. The Android boot image and the boot tar ball has a ramdisk instead of a rootfs.

Blueprint information

Alexander Sack
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.05
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.04
Started by
Alexander Sack on 2011-03-30
Completed by
Jamie Bennett on 2011-04-26

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[asac, Mar 29, 2011]: essential spec because without this we don't have a complete build; please add work items reflecting what was done in the past and what is left; fill in summary. needs to be finished asap; setting to next available milestone.
[patrikryd, Mar 31, 2011]: After discussions with asac. We came to the conclusion to stick to the Android way and use the ramdisk. Setting step 5 as done (step 6 might not be needed).
[patrikryd, Apr 6, 2011]: Cleaned up format of work items and added summary
[patrikryd, Apr 7, 2011]: Added items for l-m-c and test
[jeremychang, Apr 18, 2011]: branch lp:~jeremychang/linaro-image-tools/android-boottarball ready for use to take the boot tarball. kernel cmdline support also added.
[patrikryd, Apr 21, 2011]: permission fix not needed for RAM disk, postponed make clean and cleanup.
[patrikryd, Apr 21, 2011]: Panda boots if kernel is built with the 4.4.0 toolchain. (See bug 768276)


Work Items

Work items:
Include kernel in build and build with right config: DONE
Include u-boot in build with right config: DONE
Add kernel & u-boot to manifest: DONE
Replace second bootloader with u-boot in tar: DONE
Replace ramdisk.img with a rootfs in tar: DONE
Move permission fix from roottarball work to boottarball context: DONE
Include kernel and u-boot for Panda build: DONE
Include x-loader for Panda build or - as first step -copy MLO binaries: DONE
Include kernel and u-boot for Beagle build: DONE
Include x-loader for Beagle build or - as first step -copy MLO binaries: DONE
Verify the ux500href still builds (without kernel and u-boot for now): POSTPONED
Check that make clean work as expected: POSTPONED
[jeremychang] Modify l-m-c to take the 3 tarballs (boottarball.tar.bz2, systemtarball.tar.bz2, userdatatarball.tar.bz2): DONE
[jeremychang] Modify l-m-c to take the cmdline file (in boottarball) into account when creating parameters for the kernel: DONE
Verify that it all works by build, using l-m-c and boot on a Panda: DONE
Remove all trace of the roottarball target: POSTPONED

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