Android LEB Documentation

Registered by Zach Pfeffer

This session will focus on discussing what documentation we need for LEB use and bundled with releases.

We will give all the wiki document under Platform/Android/ a review to see we should organize them. and some may be outdated, we will arrange them.

Android LEB will have monthly release, we can discuss what document we need to update and we can create monthly as well, especially for each release.

What document to create:
  1. Document for release
     * We can have one release document for each release
  2. Document for each dev board
    * We can have one document for each dev board.

What document to update (We have document categorized conceptually as general type and spec type)
  1. Quick start for users
    * Get Source
    * Build source
    * Install image
  2. Infrastructure
    * build environment
    * build service
    * toolchain
    * kernel
    * u-boot
    * validation
  3. General
    * Roadmap
    * Branching Strategy
    * How to contribute
    * Release cycle
  4. Resource, Reference, upstream stuffs
    * emulator
    * NDK
    * benchmark, 0xbench, CTS
    * Reference test result
    * ...... more to create

Possible Action Items from the discussion:

1. Create quickstart doc that may contain:
    * Get Source
    * Build source
    * Install image
    * Running benchmarks
    * NDK usage
    * toolchain

2. Create infrastructure doc that may contain:
    * build environment
    * build service

3. Create a Linaro Android kernel doc

4. Create a Linaro Android u-boot doc

5. Create a validation doc.

6. Create a roadmap doc.

7. Create a branching strategy doc.

8. Create a "How to Contribute" doc.

9. Create a release cycle doc.

10. Create a benchmark guide.

11. Create a NDK usage doc.

12. Create a toolchain usage doc.

13. Create release notes for each release.

14. Create documents for each board.

15. Clean up website with docs.

16. Create write ups on popular parts of Android.

17. Write development guides.

18. Write Linaro/Google divergence guides.

19. Find a home for all docs where they can be revisioned.

20. Find out who takes care of documentation at canonical.

21. Find out how to print docs.

22. Document the star rating.

23. Document Working Groups.

24. Document Landing Teams.

25. Write a guide that details when a script should be written or documentation produced.

26. Review docs for ease of use.

27. Arrange Wiki;s for ease of use.

28. Handle documentation translation.

29. Document patch providence.

30. Document all Android components.


Session notes:

Blueprint information

Not started
Zach Pfeffer
Jeremy Chang
Needs approval
Jeremy Chang
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:


Work items (month 1):
Write Quick Start Guide for Panda: TODO
Write Infrastructure Usage Guide: TODO
Write Linaro Contribution Guide: TODO
Write Linaro Android Guide (roadmap, release cycle): TODO
Write release notes: TODO
Reorganize website: TODO

Work items (month 2):
Write Quick Start Guide for Snowball: TODO
Write Linaro Android NDK and Toolchain Guide: TODO
Write a Linaro Kernel Doc: TODO
Write release notes: TODO
Write star-rating doc: TODO

Work items (month 3):
Write Quick Start Guide for the Freescale board: TODO
Write release notes: TODO

Work items (month 4):
Write Android Multimedia Guide: TODO
Write Android HAL Guide: TODO
Write Android bionic Guide: TODO

Work items (month 5):
Write Linaro/Google/Upstream divergence guides: TODO
Translate all docs: TODO


Work Items

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.