LEB Board Review and Deliverable Requirements

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This discussion will talk about defining new member deliverable for Android LEBs, reviewing what's been delivered and assessing if we can raise the bar, discuss other low-cost high-volume board that currently exist or are on the way (Nexus One, Nexus S, Snowball), talk about LEB candidates, discuss cost ceilings (is the Elba board too expensive, for instance).

At a minimum the products of this session should include the following action items:

1. Add a easy to read matrix of requirements to https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/EvaluationBuild/MemberDeliverables
2. Contact partners/others for any new boards we want to support
3. Set up the star system for boards we have and will support:
    3.1 at best ubuntu and android would share some/most of the component requirements; of course tests to validate components would need to be different for each LEB

Action Items:

1. Check with legal concerning redistribution of all Android components including binaries.

2. Put licening terms in a matrix.

3. Create a feature matrix that is auto generated from the LAVA test results.

4. Set up a weekly call with the landing teams, working groups and upstream packages that comprise the Linaro build.

5. Add i2c, GPS, USB gadget, Bluetooth, WIFI to the LEB build continuum.

6. Define for each board what 1-5 stars means.

7. Define levels of device support.

8. Support one non-member board/phone for comparison and benchmarking; a Nexus S perhaps.

9. Drop MPEG-2 because we don't want to pay royalties.

10. Define how our changes live in the NDK, Android, kernel and toolchain before being upstreamed.

11. What other peripherals should we include in our reference boards (touch screen?).

12. Define the timeline for Snowball and mx53 support.

13. Define how the landing teams will work with the platform teams.

14. Work to modularize Google's kernel patches in-order to ship one kernel.

15. Define how we will check or if we will check contributions.

16. Craft collaborative binary assignment methods.


Session notes: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-o/meeting/linaro-android-o-leb-board-review/

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