Provide Snapshot Manifests for Each Build

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-06-03

With so many builds available, it is a must to provide with each build manifests specifying from what source tree it was built, as well as exact revisions used to build, to allow complete reproducibility.

For every Android build I would like to automatically generate a snapshot manifest. After syncing the default manifest this manifest would be created. This snapshot manifest would be listed on the build page (listed on for instance). The snapshot manifest would list all the commits of all the heads explicitly. We do this for "release builds" but I'd like to do this for all builds so that I can list what's in this build easier and I can recreate the build exactly.

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Zach Pfeffer
Paul Sokolovsky
Paul Sokolovsky
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Accepted for 2011q2
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milestone icon 11.06
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Paul Sokolovsky on 2011-06-07
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Paul Sokolovsky on 2011-06-22

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Headline: For each Android platform build, a source and release manifests are now provided together with download tarballs, allowing to easily look up components used in particular build and 100% reproduce it elsewhere.

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Use repo manifest -r to produce revision-pinned manifest. Caveat: it should be done using the original, not mirrored, manifest.


Work Items

Work items:
Export out/*.xml as build artfacts: DONE
Export input manifest as source-manifest.xml: DONE
Make and export revision-pinned manifest as pinned-manifest.xml: DONE
Tweak naming and source manifest availability as needed: DONE

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