Pandaboard GFX/SGX support with 2.6.38 Linaro Landing Team Kernel

Registered by Alexander Sack on 2011-04-20

* integrate GFX binaries to leb-gingerbread branch
* include GFX binaries during build
* integrate proper kernel in build
* update manifest
* verify that daily build works

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Alexander Sack
Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.06
Started by
Alexander Sack on 2011-04-20
Completed by
Zach Pfeffer on 2011-06-30


Headline: Linaro's TI kernel now works with SGX hardware graphics acceleration

[asac, Apr, 28, 2011]: SGX binaries are missing; filed lp:771691 and linked it to this blueprint.
[asac, Apr, 29, 2011]: didn't make the 11.04 release :( ... please make this happen really soon; we should make a separate annonucement for the first build with GFX before 11.05. thanks jim!
[asac, Apr, 29, 2011]: please add work-item about adding the proper kernel/patches; goal is to get this working out of the box.
[asac, May, 27, 2011]: cleanup of init.omap4430.rc was done a bit; not perfect but god enough for release. setting to implemented.

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Work Items

Work items:
Take Pandaboard as the major experiment environment and create 'hw-pack' branch as proof-of-concept implement: DONE
setup leb-gingerbread branch from hw-pack branch for pandaboard: DONE
Minimize changes in LEB's Android board definitions: DONE
extend leb-gingerbread manifest to include bits: DONE
[asac] include proprietary-open from TI in leb-panda build: DONE
[asac] include omapzoom .35 kernel + required patches in leb-panda build: DONE
[asac] rename init.omap4.rc to init.omap4430.rc: DONE
[asac] ensure that SGX binaries are installed in /system/vendor/lib; egl.cfg should live in /system/lib/egl though: DONE
[asac] verify that build works out of the box with GFX: DONE
[asac] propose merge of linaro-android-media-create vram changes to lp:linaro-image-tools: DONE
[asac] follow up on merge feedback until changes are accepted/committed: DONE
[asac] clean up on fs/on boot hooks in init.omap4430.rc to just include the minimal bits for release: DONE
[pfefferz] get SGX working with Pandroid kernel: DONE
[pfefferz] get SGX working with Andy's kernel: DONE
[andy-warmcat] [pfefferz] fix 1080P issue with Andy's kernel: DONE

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