Linaro Android kernel for Panda

Registered by Jeremy Chang on 2011-03-11

Make linaro kernel for Android to boots up on Pandaboard with support for MMC, EXT4, framebuffer, HDMI or DVI,
USB (OTG needed for adb; Host need for keyboard and mouse), and Ethernet

Blueprint information

Alexander Sack
Jeremy Chang
John Stultz
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.05
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.04
Started by
Alexander Sack on 2011-03-18
Completed by
Alexander Sack on 2011-04-26

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[asac - Mar 18, 2011]: fixing work items syntax; setting milestone to 11.04 ... though i hope we can get this earlier
[asac - Mar 23, 2011]: actually, if something is essential than having a kernel for our current main LEB board. bumping prio.
[jstultz Mar 23, 2011]: Just updated items here to reflect work already done. HDMI on panda still outstanding.
[asac Apr 2, 2011]: hey, any idea on HDMI? i managed to get some badly colored android splashscreen once, but most of the time it just stays black with monitor going on and off.
[jstultz Apr 4, 2011]: I tried to update to a later 2.6.38 linaro kernel to try to see if that helped, but I'm hitting the same _DSS crash that the packaged linaro kernels are hitting. I'll probably try to see if I can get the mainline 2.6.39-rc1 kernel working with HDMI and try to go from there.
[jstultz April 5, 2011]: Thanks to Alexander posting a link to a dvi support fix for panda, I was able to get Android gfx up over the HDMI port marked DVI on the panda board. Unfortunately, the fix is dependent on changes in the latest linaro-2.6.38 tree, which breaks USB on beagle, so I've not pushed that tree out.
[asac, Apr 17 2011]: added work item for unblocking landing of dvi patch and landing dvi support. Thanks!
[jserv, Apr 28 2011]: hdmi still does not work in linaro.38
[jstultz Apri 28 2011]: jserv: Do you mean that only the port marked hdmi does not work, or that neither of the two hdmi ports (one marked dvi) work? Plugging into the hdmi port marked dvi port should function.


Work Items

Work items:
Get android for panda board environment setup: DONE
Initial boot of Linaro+Android kernel testing ethernet, mmc: DONE
Initial android_omap4_defconfig committed: DONE
Sort out HDMI/DVI issues with Linaro+Android kernel: DONE
fix bug (please link to this blueprint) that blocks landing of dvi patch and land dvi support: DONE
Enable and Test ADB support: POSTPONED
[asac] verify that this works with generic linaro android builds for panda: DONE
[jserv] verify that this works with generic linaro android builds for panda: DONE

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