Integrate glmark2 into Android

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-31

The glmark2 benchmark is and OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark. It should be runnable from Android. See

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Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.09
Started by
Zach Pfeffer on 2011-08-07
Completed by
Patrik Ryd on 2011-09-15

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Update 2011-08-04 patrik: Discussed with alf how to create a glbenchmark app with the NDK and showed SDK, NDK and emualtor and eclipse...
Update 2011-08-05 patrik: Have started modifying 0xbench to support a new case for glmark. Will start by integrating the sanangeles sample code from NDK while I wait for alf to port glmark2 to Android. He will use the NDK to get the glmark code to run in Android. I should be much work to replace the sangeles demo code with the glmark code.
Update 2011-08-25 patrik: Accidently removed the build that had my sangeles integration when I needed space for an other build. :(
Update 2011-08-31 patrik: Recieved some clarification from Zach yesterday. He wants an application that is easy to run. Do not have to be integrated into 0xbench if it works ok stand alone. Might need a UI for for the glmark app. Next step is to test the code we received from alf (afrantzis). The master glbench is in bazar and there is a git export to made by alf. I will put all workitems that does not make sense any more as postponed and create some new.
Update 2011-09-02 patrik: Slow progress due to hw problems. (Not BP related.) The glmark2 app crashes on the panda upstream build. Investigating.
Update 2011-09-12 patrik: glmark2 works on Panda Stage build.
Update 2011-09-12 patrik: pushed patches for review. Modified headline.
Update 2011-09-13 patrik: glmark is now in the daily builds.
Update 2011-09-13 patrik: has glmark2 as one of the installed apps.'
Update 2011-09-03 pfefferz: POSTPONED items have been moved into BP:

glmark2 added to all the official builds for Android

glmark2 is runnable as part of 0xbench from Android

[mansson]This never got done, it is a candidate for push to 11.09.


Work Items

Work items:
Create glmark2 DONE
Integrate sangeles into 0xbench: POSTPONED
[afrantzis] port glmark to Android: DONE
replace sangeles with glmark in 0xbench. : POSTPONED
[afrantzis] Commit glmark2 work: DONE
Test glmark2 in build from android-build: DONE
If needed add UI to glmark (who will do this?) or integrate into 0xbench: POSTPONED
Add glmark2 to the manifest for all the official builds.: DONE

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