Include Busybox Binary into Android Builds

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-06-16

Install Busybox binary into the Android releases.

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Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.07
Started by
Botao on 2011-07-08
Completed by
Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-28

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Busybox is now available in the Linaro Android platform builds

Busybox can run from the Android console

[botao, 27th July 2011]: All changes have been pushed to Linaro GIT repository. Busybox has been integrated to Linaro Android 11.07 RC build officially.
[botao, 26th July 2011]: The "" has been finished, integration task has been done and passed the test on my Panda board.
[botao, 21st July 2011]: The dynamic compiling version of Busybox has been done successfully, and pass the basic test on my Panda board with our 11.07 release.
[botao, 19th July 2011]: Denys Vlasenko applied Daniel Fandrich's patch for Android configuration (Denys and Daniel are members in Busybox official mailing list).
[pfeffer, Jul 24, 2011]: Botao, please update this BP based on the current status.
[asac, Jul 24, 2011]: please update blueprint and bug with status of this effort. something must not be blocked without proper bugs, discussion etc.
[botao, 14th July 2011]: Bernhard gives me some suggestions to fix this error. Header files missing error is gone, but I get the linking relevant error.
[botao, 12th July 2011]: Blocked by the header files missing error when I compile Busybox with Linaro's tool chain (gcc4.5) on my local ubuntu 10.10 32bits computer and "Hack Box" machine.
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: delivering busybox into the individual builds could have been written in more detailed steps if you already know what to do
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: again, summary must be better on problem addressed and where and how to consume delieverable and why its a solution.

See for filling out work items (WIs).


Work Items

Work items:
Integrate the dynamic compiling version of Busybox to our source code repository: DONE
Install on DONE
Install on DONE
Install on DONE
Test on ~linaro-android/panda: DONE
Test on ~linaro-android/leb-panda: DONE
Test on ~linaro-android/beagle: DONE

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