Add Gator to the ICS Builds

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Add the gator git to all the manifest and enable gator in all the builds for all the supported boards.

Gator (gatord) is the daemon that makes it possible to do remote debugging with the ARM DS-5 debugger.

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Zach Pfeffer
Tony Mansson
Tony Mansson
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Accepted for future
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milestone icon 11.12
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Patrik Ryd
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Tony Mansson

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[2011-11-22 patrik-ryd] BP created
[2011-11-29 patrik-ryd] Manifest changes merged
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] default.xml uses kernel linaro-android-3.1-agreen-rebase for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] landing_snowball.xml uses kernel bsp/st-ericsson/linux-3.0-android-ux500:master for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] stging_imx53.xml uses kernel "kernel/imx53" revision="lt-3.1-android for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] staging_origen.xml uses kernel landing-teams/working/samsung/kernel for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7l
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] staging_panda.xml uses kernel "people/andygreen/repo-branch-archive" revision="tilt-android-3.1" for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] staging_snowball.xml uses kernel "kernel/snowball" for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] staging-vexpress-a9.xml has changed kernel between 4.0.1 and 2.3.7 !!!!
[2011-11-30 patrik-ryd] tracking_panda.xml uses kernel "people/andygreen/repo-branch-archive" revision="tilt-android-tracking" for 4.0.1 and 2.3.7
[2011-11-20 patrik-ryd] The panda build does not use device/linaro/pandaboard at the moment. Patch created for device/ti/panda
[2011-12-01 patrik-ryd] The is not run on boot for Snowball. Investigating.
[2011-12-01 patrik-ryd] It looks like it should be called
[2011-12-02 patrik-ryd] If I modify system/core/rootdir/init.rc gator will start on snowball (both driver and daemon)
[2011-12-02 patrik-ryd] Solved a problem in init ( and now gator is insmodded and gatord started on snowball
[2011-12-02 patrik-ryd] Having problems installing DS-5 Community Edition.
[2011-12-02 patrik-ryd] DS-5 does not work with the 64 bit version of eclipse
[2011-12-02 patrik-ryd] has higher prio than this BP.
[2011-12-07 mansson] Taking over from patrikryd. Found a way to install DS-5 using a 32-bit Java environment on 64-bit Ubuntu. Will publish steps on wiki.
[2011-12-12 mansson] gatord runs fine on Snowball. Wiki is here: Patch submitted for Snowball, Vishal did the same for Pandaboard.
[2011-12-14 mansson] Testing by nytowl on origen did not go well. gatord did not find and insmod gator.ko, manual insmodding gave errors.
[2011-12-19 mansson] Merged into all builds except origenand verified. I will set this BP as implemented and pending test results of release file a bug on Origen.

Roadmap id: ANDROID2011-ICS-LEB
Headline: Gator support in Linaro Andoid ICS builds
Acceptance: Most of the boards have support for gator on ICS branch.


Work Items

Work items:
Add gator to all manifest on the linaro_android_4.0.1 branch: DONE
Enable gator for all boards: DONE
Add test case to the test specification and usage instructions on the wiki: DONE

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