Create Android Samsung Origen Release

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-11

Create an Android release for Samsung Origen.

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Zach Pfeffer
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.08
Started by
Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-11
Completed by
Botao on 2011-08-25

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Create a Linaro Android build for Samsung Origen board.

Android boots on Samsung's Origen board with Linaro Android tool chain 11.08, build #6,

[botao, 25th August 2011]: Release notice has been sent out for review, 11.08 release will be published today.
[botao, 24th August 2011]: The first RC is unacceptable due to the wrong kernel version and base branch. The new release has been done successfully to correct this mistake.
[botao, 23rd August 2011]: Testing for Samsung Origen Android image has been done, test result form has been uploaded.
[botao, 22th August 2011]: Linaro Android build RC for Samsung Origen board has been created successfully.
[botao, 18th August 2011]: Linaro Android build for Samsung Origen board has been done successfully, and the board can be booted to the command line successfully.
[botao, 16th August 2011]: "LEB-origen.xml" has been pushed to Linaro official GIT repository.
[botao, 15th August 2011]: After discussed with Zach, the manifest name of Origen build will remain "LEB-origen.xml"
[botao, 12th August 2011]: Mathieu has fixed the boot up failure issue, but still no display.
[botao, 5th August 2011]: Following Angus's procedures, build succeed, but after flashed to SD card, Samsung Origen Board boot failed. Angus, Mathieu and I have confirmed this issue. We will fix or work around it in next few days.
[botao, 22th July 2011]: Following Mathieu's instructions to create the reference environment on the Hack Box machine.
[botao, 21st July 2011]: Angus introduced Mathieu to me about the Samsung build creating task.
[botao, 19th July 2011]: Finished the discussion with Angus about the Samsung hacking session per week.
[pfefferz, Jul 24, 2011] Botao would you update this BP?
[asac, Jul 24, 2011]: please update status of not moving blueprints frequently. its hard to gather whats going on here.
[botao, 16th July 2011]: SD card flashing has been done successfully for s5pv310 with the trunk version of Linaro image tools, wiki pages have been updated too.
[botao, 13th July 2011]: Anmar will send me a Samsung V310 SMDK EVT0 board tomorrow, so the remote connection to Origen board is unnecessary.
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: blueprint summary/description could be done with more love.
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: I think we already know what "Create build in TODO" involves; would be cool if we could use that knowledge to break that step down in "small steps" a bit. like: this involves setting up device/... manifests, etc.


Work Items

Work items:
Solve Busybox source compiling issue before the 25th August 2011: INPROGRESS
Enable new tool chain (11.08) support for Samsung Origen build: DONE
Create a official release build before the 25th August 2011, UTC 16:00: DONE
Create a RC build before the 22nd August 2011, UTC 16:00: DONE
Discuss with Angus and Mathieu to find out the way to create a Samsung build: DONE
Contact Angus Ainslie and set up weekly hacking sessions: DONE
Contact Paul Larson to use Origen board remotely: DONE
Get build working locally: DONE
Create build in DONE
Test build: DONE
[pfefferz] Create an official build from Mathieu's booting tree: DONE
Rename LEB-origen.xml to origen-stage.xml: DONE

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