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Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-08-07

The GCC builds are not built on release branches so they get removed from time to time. Create release branches to save these builds and give a more permanent location to reference.

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Zach Pfeffer
Paul Sokolovsky
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Paul Sokolovsky
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Accepted for 2011q2
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milestone icon 11.08
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Paul Sokolovsky on 2011-08-20
Completed by
Paul Sokolovsky on 2011-08-25

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Android Toolchain packages use the concept of release builds now to distinguish builds used for developing vs. those for deleting. This allows the Linaro Platform Team to better tune retention policies around release vs. developer builds.

All 11.08 builds are built using a Android Toolchain coming from a release build/branch. validate that retention policy for the toolchain release builds is "infinite keep".

"Daily" (actually, manually so far) builds of gcc-linaro release against android toolchain linaro-master branch:

All 11.08RC and daily builds are done using RC1 toolchain

Retired WIs:
Create 4.4 release build: TODO:
<pfalcon> asac: Hi, did you see my q regarding 4.4 toolchain support status in mail? Do we need to make new releases of android toolchain based on it, taking into acount that last upstream wg release was 2011.02?
<asac> pfalcon: 4.4 is dead
<asac> the last build is what we keep
Be in sync with Bernhard Rosenkranzer on state of his changes to toolchain/*:linaro-master: INPROGRESS
<asac> work items without

Contingency plan: Release gcc-linaro 4.6-2011.08 & gcc-linaro 4.5-2011.08 against linaro-android-11.07-release state of toolchain/* (obviously, by branching it as linaro-android-11.08-release).


Work Items

Work items:
Prepare contingency plan for 11.08: DONE
setup a tip build for 4.5 titled toolchain-4.5 using latest released tarball: DONE
setup a tip build for 4.6 titled toolchain-4.6 using latest released tarball: DONE
Verify 4.5 tip build with gcc-linaro released 2011.08; commit to release branch and update 4.5 release build: DONE
[berolinux] Verify 4.6 tip build with gcc-linaro released 2011.08; commit to release branch and update 4.6 release build: DONE
Modify official tip and release builds to use the 4.6 release builds: DONE

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