Connect the Android Builder to LAVA

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-06-21

Right now the builds at and the test results at don't reference each other and the android-build system can't request a build be tested.

This BP aims to modify android-build.l.o and validation.l.o so that successful completion of a build at android-build.l.o will trigger testing of this build at validation.l.o. Both sites will then keep references to each other so it is clear from both sides what was built and tested.

Some runs that were run manually:


There's a page with the last runs at:

Paul Larson can help with the LAVA part and <email address hidden>, <email address hidden> and Paul Sokolovsky can help with the android-build part.

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Frans Gifford
Frans Gifford
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Accepted for 2011q2
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milestone icon 11.07
Started by
Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-11
Completed by
Frans Gifford on 2011-07-27


[asac, Jul 24, 2011]: please update whiteboard status and drop comments about progress/blockage more frequently and for now asap
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: the description/summary of this blueprint could give reader better idea about the problem addressed, the solution delivered and how to validate the solution.

Android builds now actively submitted to the validation lab and run on the appropriate boards moving one step closer to real continuous validation

Panda and beagle official daily and release builds automatically run in LAVA


Work Items

Work items:
Work with Michael's team to call into an API to kick off a test: DONE
Document how tests will get passed from the android builder to LAVA ( DONE
Document how to extend LAVA to integrate an Android test: DONE
Get access to the build server: DONE
Develop prototype: DONE
- On android-build, create job definition for LAVA: DONE
- On android-build, send job definition to LAVA: DONE
Define what happens when a test gets blocked pending resources, e.g. non-availability of LAVA: DONE
Make sure a link to the test result is listed on android-build: DONE
Make sure a link back to the test is listed on DONE

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