Configure Gerrit for Patch Review

Registered by Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-05

Configure Gerrit for patch review.

We just need to make sure a patch can be reviewed in Gerrit. Auto-merging and auto-validation will be delivered as another step.

Gerrit will be setup on a server and a Git (most likely the manifest gits) will be selected to be managed.

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Zach Pfeffer
Paul Sokolovsky
Paul Sokolovsky
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.07
Started by
James Westby on 2011-07-21
Completed by
Zach Pfeffer on 2011-07-28

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[pfalcon 2011-07-28] This was implemented, just waiting for someone else to try to post review to Gerrit and approve. Changes which were posted to Gerrit, were reviewed, and then merged:,status:merged,n,z . More changes:,status:open,n,z . Postponed items were overflowed to . (Waiting on RT ticket and more specs from Android team).

Gerrit, a change review tool, which is essential part of Android development workflow and best practices, has been set up to track Linaro Android code changes.

Gerrit is tested for change review for 11.07, ready to be used as code review and hosting system for 11.08 milestone. This BP will be accepted when one change is pushed, reviewed and merged.

Docs are at: (official howto) (detailed implementation notes)


Work Items

Work items:
Brainstorm Gerrit (how it works, how it can be made work for our setup): DONE
Get admin access to DONE
Import few initial projects to and create test change reviews: DONE
Import all android/* components from DONE
Set up as default review server in manifests: DONE
Decide if Gerrit should be master git hosting service or just review service: DONE
Split linaro remotes in current manifests to get rid of android/ prefix and make names match upstream: DONE
Rename platform/manifests.git to platform/manifest.git to match upstream: DONE
Mirror rest of AOSP and 3rd-party components to DONE
Set up anon git access for POSTPONED
Set up gitweb for POSTPONED
Disable write access for android components on POSTPONED
Documentation: DONE
Elaborate Linaro Gerrit workflow and processes: POSTPONED
Work through docs with pfefferz to make sure thigns work: DONE

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