Setup Pandroid as our Pandaboard BSP reference build

Registered by Zach Pfeffer

Bring Pandroid into Linaro's build system to act as a reference platform to help us create Panda LEBs, interact with the Pandroid community and work to unify the two efforts.

We need to build the Pandroid build in our build system. The latest is listed at:

A tree with all of the steps listed on the Wiki integrated should be hosted by Linaro and changes to support archive creation should be made. These should then be fed back to Pandroid.

In addition, we should work with Pandroid to have them push things up to us (need Gerrit).

Chnages will be documented in the wiki at

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Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
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Accepted for 2011q2
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milestone icon 11.06
Started by
Zach Pfeffer
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Zach Pfeffer

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Headline: Linaro is able to easily use Pandroid as a reference build by hosting the build in our auto builder

Update patrikryd, 2011-06-09 : Added documentation work item.
Update patrikryd, 2011-06-09 : step for building modules not needed?
Update patrikryd, 2011-06-13 : Somthing is wrong with the local build. :(
Update patrikryd, 2011-06-14: Some problems with local build still, but will focus on server build.
Update patrikryd, 2011-06-15: Server build working!! :)
Update patrikryd, 2011-06-15: Added some additional work items from pfeffez.
Update patrikryd, 2011-06-20: done with benchmark...


Work Items

Work items:
create pandroid manifest on dev_pandroid branch : DONE
add pandroid as a device: DONE
patch and add pandroid kernel to build: DONE
patch framework/base (add mouse and keyboard support) : DONE
Support kernel modules in build (get .ko files into /system/lib): POSTPONED
Make it build locally: DONE
Make it build on server : DONE
Install 0xbench into the build: DONE
Document what was needed to get pandroid into our build system : DONE
Document all step needed to get from build to booting panda (similar to : DONE
Build pandroid with Lianro toolchain: DONE
Document benchmark results with and without Linaro toolchain.: DONE

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