Integrate ARMs DS-5

Registered by Zach Pfeffer

There are 3 pieces to this: a ssh server for DS-5 host <-> target communication, gdbserver for application debugging and a
gator daemon and kernel module for system profiling with Streamline

There's a PPA at for the work thats already been done on Ubuntu.

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Patrik Ryd
Patrik Ryd
Series goal:
Accepted for 2011q2
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.11
Started by
Patrik Ryd
Completed by
Patrik Ryd


The linaro Android builds has support for ARMs DS-5.

The ARM landing team has confirmed that DS-5 (gator) works on at least the upstream Panda build and gator is included in all staging builds.

DS-5 5.8 gator daemon and module ( former includes ) sources now available under;a=summary

[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/04] Added work items.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/06] builds for panda, still need to verify that I did not break beagle.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/07] the panda boots and has gator insmoded and the gatord is running.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/07] Pathes sent for review.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/10] Need some changes in the gator git to be able to move to the next WI. Waiting on ARM LT.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/10] Enabled in daily upstream build.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/12] Snowball, Origen & imx53 kernels need to have profiling and tracers enabled (
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/12] Adding WI to track progress on configs for different kernels.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/18] Waiting for LTs to update configs. Investigating why gator driver is missing on builds on buildserver, but available in local build.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/20] Still investigating why gator driver is missing on builds on buildserver, but available in local build.
[fboudra, 2011/10/21] Fix WI: config for Snowball staging build is on hold while we make a new staging kernel.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/21] Added a dependency between gator and the other kernel modules to solve the build problem on the server.
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/26] Verifying that everything actually works is blocked by
[patrik-ryd, 2011/10/26] The new kernel configs are handled by
[mansson 2011-10-28] Still blocked by Kernel Configuration missing. Action to ask Landing Teams to carry these patches in order to speed up the delivery.
[2011-11-17] The gdb problem has be solved and some LTs have provided configs.
[2011-11-22] Only Origen missing support in kernel. Recommend we close this and write a bug for Origen to enable gator in user space when #882053 is set as delivered for Origen.

[2011-11-23 patrik-ryd] Implemented with teh following known bugs... "gatord does not start up in Snowball. Missing gator.ko" "No DS-5 and Gator on Samsung Origen Android 11.11 RC2 image" "gatord not present in beagle" "gatord does not start on upstream panda" "gatord does not start on tracking panda"


Work Items

Work items:
Support for building out of tree kernel modules: DONE
Make a local build of the upstream build with the gator code.: DONE
create a service for the user space gator daemon: DONE
Check that it seem to work on panda: DONE
Push code changes for review and to ARM LT: DONE
Enable it in the daily upstream build: DONE
Ask ARM LT to verify that they got what they expected.: DONE
Add it to all the staging builds.: INPROGRESS
Config for Snowball landing build: DONE
Config for Snowball staging build: DONE
Config for Origen staging build: INPROGRESS
Config for imx53 staging build: DONE
Config for omap4460 staging build (might just work): DONE