Streamline Automation Script Integrated into LAVA

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We need to integrate DS-5 into LAVA and into our local test flow so that we can get hotspot data for optimizing Android.

This is part of the larger ARM benchmarking effort.

What gets produced?
DS-5 will be integrated into the LAVA machine and targets will be run under its influence to produce hotspot analysis in addition a wiki page will be created that shows how to do hotspot analysis with DS-5 so people can generate the results locally.

Where will the work get put?
Any scripts or other work will be put into bzr if they're run from an external entity and in if they run on the target.

Blueprint information

Zach Pfeffer
Amit Pundir
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Slow progress
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Amit Pundir

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[2012/9/24 pfefferz] Please put notes here.
[2012/9/24 pfefferz] The LAVA work from which was renamed to
[2012/10/09 pundiramit] Talked to Andy, Michael regarding lava blackbox and how to use lava-test-shell.
[2012/10/09 pundiramit] Need to re-work on Streamline capture to make it more interactive and get rid of pre-determined capture time-out values, since it adds to variance.
[2012/10/15 pundiramit] Fixed bhoj’s concerns in monkeyrunner/streamline scripts. As of today we can do streamline capture on board using lava-test-shell but bundling and pulling up of result to do streamline analysis on host is still INPROGRESS. In the background I’m just making sure we have everything ready from our side once LAVA signalling part is ready to roll.
[2012/10/22 pundiramit] Couldn't find a way to do Streamline analysis on Target. The raw/captured data need to be moved to HOST machine for analysis and report generation.
[2012/10/22 pfefferz] Good progress , just more to do, bumping to 12.11.
[2012/11/21 pundiramit] Checked with mwhudson, signal/DS-5 energy probe support still not landed in trunk.
[2012/12/17 pundiramit] Got sample code from doanac, mwhudson to add DS-5 support in dispatcher on 2012/12/05. Moved to low priority due to other high priority tasks.
[2012/12/17 pfefferz] Moving to 13.01 due to overplanning.
[2013/1/7 pfefferz] Cutting this from 13.01 to concentrate on more pressing things.
[2013/1/8 vishalbhoj] Assigning it to Fahad since he has few cycles for 13.01
[2013/1/29 vishalbhoj] Moving it to backlog as there is no resource to work on this feature.
Headline: The Monkey Runner script that automates Streamline has been integrated into LAVA.
Acceptance: The Monkey Runner script that automates Streamline has been integrated into LAVA.


Work Items

Work items:
Demonstrate scripts ( INPROGRESS
Integrate DS-5 Monkey Runner script into LAVA: INPROGRESS
Fix Streamline capture to get rid of pre-determined capture timeout values: DONE
Create Streamline session file on Target on demand to make it lava blackbox compatible: INPROGRESS
Cleanup and rebase monkeyrunner DS-5 scripts: DONE
Worked on DS-5 lava integration. Talked to Andy, Michael about lava-test-shell, lava blackbox and new job submission process: DONE
Add DS-5 support in dispathcer: INPROGRESS
Make sure targets can be connected to DS-5: TODO
Do hotspot analysis during APK and benchmark runs: TODO
Write wiki page that shows how to do hotspot debug with DS-5: TODO
Promote wiki page and resultd through Marketing: TODO
[doanac] Work out how to capture data on host side from LAVA: TODO
Write tests to be run through DS-5 against LAVA: TODO
Validate automated results with the manual results listed at TODO

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