Enable Device Tree in all Builds

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Each one of our Android builds should have device tree enabled. This BP will track landing it in each build we do.

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Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
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[2012/02/28 pfefferz] Put some ideas in, feel free to change Bero.
[2012/03/18 botao-sun] This will probably be a multicycle BP.
[2012/03/20 botao-sun] All Device Tree related bugs for tracking purpose have been recorded in Launchpad.
[2012/03/25 botao-sun] An email thread has been launched with landing teams and Linaro kernel team about how to design a test for Device Tree on Linaro Android image.
[2012/03/30 pfefferz] Shifting to 12.04
[2012/04/03 botao-sun] Device Tree test procedure list has been updated on Linaro Android QA web page: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/QA/TestCases/Android#device-tree
[2012/04/04 botao-sun] Email has been sent to Linaro Kernel team to ask the kernel version information.
[2012/4/30 pfefferz] Moving to 12.05 since nothing of substance has been delivered. We've had verbal commitments from Samsung and STE to get this working in 12.05. No commitments from the TI LT. Anmar has been alerted.
[2012/5/29] Bump to 12.06 due to verification lag
[2012/6/25 pfefferz] BPs have to be wrapped up before the QA results are in so this has to be shifted to 12.07.
[2012/7/23 pfefferz] Removing iMX WIs
[2012/7/23 pfefferz] Blocked on LT's mostly. Still tracking this.

Roadmap id: ANDROID2012-Q1-DEVICE-TREE
Headline: Android builds are now being booted using device tree.
Acceptance: All Android builds are booted using device tree.


Work Items

Work items:
[botao-sun] Define Device Tree Test Procedures: DONE
[botao-sun] Find each kernel and list in BP: DONE
[botao-sun] File a bug on each kernel maintainer: DONE
[vishalbhoj] Update Panda build to produce dtb: INPROGRESS
[vishalbhoj] Update Panda boot script to read dtb file: INPROGRESS
Verify DT in Panda baseline: DONE
Verify DT in Origen baseline: TODO
Verify DT in Snowball baseline: TODO
Verify DT in Versatile baseline: TODO
Track the Device Tree implementation: INPROGRESS

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