Juice: Consolidate Kernel Unit-Tests

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There are currently a few Android kernel unit-tests being developed in separate gits. We should consolidate these so that they can be more easily maintained and accessed.

Android kernel upstreaming and development.

What gets produced?
A unit-test suite.

Where will the work get put?
In a private git. We will also release this.

The WIs are aimed at bringing together the existing tests and new tests currently in development into one private git. This git should make on Ubuntu 12.04 and as part of an Android build. In addition, the test suite should expose a single test entry point that takes command line arguments that can run all the subtests in the suite. This script should run on both Ubuntu 12.04 and Android. Finally, this suite should be integrated into a larger linaro-test-shell type test runner that LAVA can run. This entire suite will eventually be released as a Linaro members first software drop.

Blueprint information

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
Axel Fagerstedt
Axel Fagerstedt
Series goal:
Accepted for juice
Milestone target:
milestone icon m2
Started by
Axel Fagerstedt
Completed by
Jakub Pavelek

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Duration: 2w
Headline: Member's First Android Kernel Unit-Test Framework Available
Roadmap id: CARD-335
Acceptance: Integrate all tests into an Ubuntu and Android compilable and runnable git and hook a single test runner entry point into LAVA.

[2013/1/28 pfefferz] Please put notes here.

[2013/1/28 jstultz] I suspect we need to be particularly careful with this work. Since it is being planned as proprietary development, we need to make sure we don't taint any of the tests with GPL code. Thus each test needs to be developed in its entirety by the developer. It might even be wise (but much more costly time wise) to do a more clean-room style development process.

[2013/2/25 pfefferz] Shifting WIs to 13.03. Axel said he would try and get these done before Connect.
[2013/2/28 vishalbhoj] Currently blocked on LAVA deployment
[jakub-pavelek 2013-04-25] Moved almost all WIs from 13.04 to 13.05. Is the status correct?


Work Items

Work items for 13.02:
Integrate into baseline from Zach Pfeffer: DONE
Test that each tests works in a build from android-build, list that build in the notes: DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Ask Fathi or Alexander or Mark Orvek about licensing this private git, use license: DONE
Collect currently ashmem, extended ashmem, binder, logger, alarm-dev compat_ioctl into one git: DONE
Write an Android.mk and Makefile based build that would allow 'make' and Android.mk based builds, I should be able to git clone and make on my development machine: DONE
Create a Ubuntu and Android script to call all test entry points (talk to Amit Pundir about his IKS script that can be used as an example): DONE
Write up manual test instructions for the tests and include them in the test plan from Zach Pfeffer, make sure Amit Khare can run these tests: DONE
Transition all test developers to this git: DONE
Create a lava-android-test interface, waiting for Michael: DONE

Work items for 13.04:
Add user arguments to wrapper script: DONE

Work items for backlog:
Collect all underdevelopment tests (currently extended-binder) into one git: TODO
Have all tests reviewed and tested by John Stultz after integration: INPROGRESS
Create a lava-test-shell entry point (more info on this in a bit): INPROGRESS
Make sure that LAVA can automatically run all tests via lava-test-shell: TODO

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