Build tests into Android Builds

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There are many tests that can get built included in AOSP. Modify the builds to include these test in the images we build.

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)

1) Specific android projects (TBD) (build patches, configuration patches, as needed)
2) Jenkins configuration on (all of official builds)

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Zach Pfeffer
Zygmunt Krynicki
Zygmunt Krynicki
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Accepted for 2012q2
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milestone icon 12.07
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Zygmunt Krynicki
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Zygmunt Krynicki

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[2012/6/7 pfefferz] Put notes here.
[2012/6/? zyga] I'm trying to build the tests into our images. We'll get a separate set of daily builds with the 'tests' variant. Once they compile cleanly and work just as well we can consider dropping the normal builds. I'm still unsure how to run particular tests (needs some research or help from someone that knows). I'd like to be able to run simple 'hello world' tests (based on JUnit) and get the results out
[2012/6/25 zyga] Snowball build blocked by gcc 4.6 bug:
[2012/6/25 zyga] Panda build updated to reflect current changes in tilt tracking (new kernel, no blobs), build passed
[2012/6/25 zyga] Snowball updated to match non-tests variant, build in progress, need a better way to get notified of configuration changes
[2012/6/25 pfefferz] Good progress was made, but all the builds didn't get switched over. Will shoot for this in 12.07.
[2012/6/28 zkrynicki] Blocked by bug (resolved locally, will push fix to gerrit)
[2012/6/29 zkrynicki] Slowed down by
[2012/7/2 zkrynicki] That bug is no longer blocking me (patches waiting for review:,2359 and,2358 )
[2012/7/2 zkrynicki] Updated summary to have new Why/Who/Where/Context sections
[2012/7/6 zkrynicki] I've postponed two items that are really a part of a dedicated blueprint (automate-android-tests) and don't belong here anymore. We can remove them zach is okay with that. I've also added a new work item to track if skia tests are built into the image (initial analysis seems to indicate they are not)
[2012-07-23 zkrynicki] Postponed one item, will convert to a bug report
[2012-07-23 zkrynicki] Closing this blueprint

Test build URLs (no longer needed as all official builds include tests)

The following things reference TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT:

Headline: All tests are now included in the build
Acceptance: All tests are now included in the build


Work Items

Work items:
Get a stable panda build to assist in learning: DONE
Consider using TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=test: DONE
Check if TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=test removes anything we care about: DONE
Announce intent to switch on 29th June on linaro-android: DONE
Figure out how we get system.tar.bz2 and if it could omit tests (by accident or deliberately): DONE
Get access to DONE
Get edit access for official builds: DONE
Setup parallel 'tests' builds on DONE
Suspend parallel 'tests' builds: DONE
Switch official builds to use 'tests' variant: DONE
Update tests to build with the Linaro toolchain: DONE
Investigate how build system tags affect what is installed: DONE
Attempt to run connectivity manager tests locally: POSTPONED
Verify select tests: POSTPONED
Fix issues marked as 'bad' in the google document linked above: POSTPONED
Discuss how representative 'panda-ics-tracking' is vs other builds, maybe redo that document for them: DONE
Check if skia tests are actually being built into the image: DONE

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