Build ConnectivityManager Unit Tests and Integrate them in LAVA

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We need to build a set of unit tests that test each interface of the ConnectivityManager which is part of the package and integrate those tests into LAVA.

The ConnectivityManager is documented here:

The monkeyrunner tool is documented here:

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Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
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Accepted for 2012q1
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[2012/02/28 pfefferz] Put notes here.
[2012/03/14 liuyq0307] There is a directory name ConnectivityManagerTest in frameworks/base/core/tests/ConnectivityManagerTest directory, and this should be the test for ConnectivityManager. What we should do is to make the compiled apk included in the build IMO.
[2012/03/14 botao-sun] Yes, that will be better than we write them by ourselves. And there also have some other test components, such like bandwidth, bluetooth, etc. Let me try to add them as more as I can.
[2012/03/18 botao-sun] Change for adding existing ConnectivityManagerTest has been submitted for code review.
[2012/03/20 botao-sun] The change has been merged and now all Android builds contain this apk. The initial test result is under analyzing.
[2012/03/21 botao-sun] After the test output log analysis, there is a precondition must be set: before run this apk, the board must already be online. Otherwise, it will prompt many error information.
[2012/03/28 pfefferz] Shifted to 12.04.
[2012/04/03 botao-sun] A draft analysis has been done and sent out.
[2012/04/04 botao-sun] Linaro Android QA test web page has been updated for this.
[2012/04/05 botao-sun] A manually test has been run and a quick log analysis has been sent out.
[2012/04/10 botao-sun] The last work item - Run in LAVA has been transferred to the Linaro LAVA team, refer to this blueprint:
[2012/04/10 botao-sun] Liu Yongqin will add this test to LAVA finally and verify it runs or not, therefore, the new work item "Verify runs in LAVA" added by Zach is removed from here.
[2012/4/10 pfefferz] Putting the LAVA test WI back in.
[2012/04/11 botao-sun] According to Alexander's suggestion, add name tag in front of every work item.
[2012/4/23 asac] liuyq0307, where do we stand on this one?
[2012/4/23 liuyq0307] asac, waiting for that all the tests of ConnectivityManager became OK, have forwarded a mail about this to you.
[2012/4/30 pfefferz] Shifting to 12.05 since things are still up in the air here. Will get a meeting together to discuss it.
[2012/5/2 pfefferz] Going to rework this BP and the work that got done on it. It was the intention of the BP to add tests that would test things a little at a time and build up to testing the entire class set, but this wasn't done. Going to obsolete this and file a BP that more accurately represents these goals.
[2012/5/29 pfefferz] Move to backlog due to task rethink
[2012/7/21] is this moving forward somewhere? I see good progress and backlog and woder if there is way to drive this home nicely.

Roadmap id: ANDROID2012-Q1-TEST
Headline: ConnectivityManager unit tests have been built and are running in LAVA
Acceptance: ConnectivityManager unit tests have been built and are running in LAVA


Work Items

Work items:
[botao-sun] Investigate the existing Android test framework: DONE
[botao-sun] Write or find unit tests that test the ConnectivityManager: DONE
[botao-sun] Work with the team to find a place to put tests in our build: DONE
[botao-sun] Integrate those tests into the build: DONE
[botao-sun] Verify tests work: DONE
[botao-sun] Document what the test does: DONE
[botao-sun] Put manual test case on test wiki DONE
Integrate this test into LAVA: INPROGRESS

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