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Android Toolchain Benchmarking for Linaro Android
Give an overview of what is currently being done for Android toolchain benchmarking in Linaro. Discuss future enhancements we should look into. Agenda: * explain what I currently do each month * discuss some of the short-comings * discuss some of the future ideas we have and get other ideas on what we should do ...
Create documentation, milestones and plans to release Android on all member boards.
Better Android Build Service for Linaro Android
Improve to support the needs of the Android team.
The infrastructure needed to contribute code to Linaro Android (including code review tool and ACL branches)
Documentation of how to contribute to Linaro Android, who to add for code code review and how to prepare for contributing to AOSP.
Git infrastructure needed for the Android work.
Linaro Android Git Processes for Linaro Android
Description of the git infrastructure for Linaro Android, the branches and their purpose and how they relate to the AOSP branches.

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