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In 11.12 milestone, large part of new downloads publishing system was set up and migrated to. There're few remaining bits which didn't fit and need to be done yet.

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Данило Шеган
Paul Sokolovsky
James Tunnicliffe
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 2012.01
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Paul Sokolovsky
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David Zinman

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[pfalcon 2012-02-03] Binary of patched copy-to-slave plugin is made available at
[danilo 2012-01-10] We want links to individual artefacts, no need to move old stuff to snapshots.
[pfalcon 2012-01-10] It turns out that we no longer have lava-job-info files on s.l.o, and those files are carriers of LAVA integration info. Here's why: we used to build, then submit to lava (that's when lava-job-info produced), then push artifacts. When we unbroke race condition between submitting to LAVA and only later pushing artifacts to the download location, we started to have: build, push, submit to love. Consequently, lava-job-info stays unpushed. "Easy" solution would be to push it again afterwards. Unfortunately, it seems that reshuffle-files script doesn't handle that well, details added to lp:911184.
[pfalcon 2012-01-16] Due to issues we faced recently, I would like to propose "Do not publish build results on current URLs on android-build.l.o" to be postponed until next milestone (so, in case of issues with snapshots.l.o pushing, we had "backup" on android-build). On the other hand, I would like propose un-postponing "Migrate old builds archive to snapshots.l.o", because it is required to finish the migration, and until it is finished, we'll never be able to say that it works, and will need to support both download locations (== wasted effort).
[dzin Jan 27, 2012] Unfinished work items broken out into next cycle:

Android downloads migration to is complete.

Build frontend has revamped LAVA integration and other aspects which regressed (TBD), artifact archive is migrated, all jobs have consistent configuration.


Work Items

Work items:
Do not publish build results on current URLs on android-build.l.o: POSTPONED
Update frontend links to individual artifacts (more involved): DONE
[danilo] Check with Zach/Android people if we can not have individual artefact links: DONE
[dooferlad] Update frontend LAVA integration (maybe even more involved): DONE
[pfalcon] Make sure lava-job-info files get pushed to again: DONE
Migrate old builds archive to snapshots.l.o: POSTPONED
[danilo] Check with Zach/Android people if they want to keep the old URLs for old builds working or if we should move them all to snapshots.l.o: DONE

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