Set up automated syncing with AOSP & other upstreams

Registered by Paul Sokolovsky

We now have complete AOSP mirror in our Gerrit, with Linaro code on top of it. Last thing left is making sure we sync automatically.

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James Westby
Paul Sokolovsky
Paul Sokolovsky
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 11.12
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Fathi Boudra
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Paul Sokolovsky

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[20110830 james-w] Paul, when you set something to blocked please add a comment explaining what is blocking it so that others are aware. Thanks.
[pfalcon 2011-09-22] This BP was moved from 11.09 to 11.10 due to downtime.
[pfalcon 2011-10-24]
Setting up properly functioning mirror is blocked by having overzealous firewall on, not allowing to access dynamically changing upstream host set, as wanted by Android team. This was once reported to IS, but request to open up firewall was rejected. This causes continued delays and waste of effort on setting up mirrors for new and/or changed upstreams. Escalated to the Android Lead, may further escalate to the Platform Lead.
[mansson 2011-10-28] For the above reasons this BP was moved from 11.10 to 11.11.
[dzin 2011/10/28] re-target to 11.11
[pfalcon 2011-11-18] Docs are at
[dzin 2011-11-23] Almost done, but due to ICS issues with AOSP mirror, this could not be deplyed as a cronjob. Re-target to 11.12

Syncing with AOSP and other upstream projects is now automated.

Syncing with AOSP and other upstream project we mirror is automatically performed with a set interval.

Work done in 2011.09:
Increase space on (RT): DONE
Open firewall access for git on (RT): DONE


Work Items

Work items:
Increase space on (RT): DONE
Open firewall access for git on (RT): DONE
Extend mirror to support other uptreams besides AOSP: DONE
Design config scheme to account for all usecases we saw (>1 upstream, host down, non one-too-one mapping, etc.): DONE
Extend mirror to support not one to one mapping of source and destination projects (e.g mirroring foo as bar): DONE
Support other upstream schemes besides git://: DONE
Support partial (per-upsream) syncs instead of all upstreams at once: DONE
Re-add support for manifest as source of upstream project list: DONE
Deploy as cronjob: DONE
Write documentation: DONE

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