Move android howtos to the directory with artifacts

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As a continuation of, Fathi has expressed desire to move the HOWTOs to the same top-level directory as well.

The complication is that we have to combine several BUILD-INFO.txt files and deal with the migration away from OPEN-EULA.txt. This may involve creating a set of linaro-build-info tools.

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Tyler Baker
Stevan Radaković
Georgy Redkozubov
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milestone icon 2013.05
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David Zinman
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Georgy Redkozubov

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[dzin, Dec 5, 2012] To be discussed at next planning call
[danilo, Feb 4, 2013] Discussed in the planning call and then in the platform leads call on Jan 30. Goal of this was to get to a state where it would be possible to have a single automated action that would copy build results from snapshots to releases without any manual intervention. We want Fathi to describe the actual problem (i.e. what is being done manually right now) so we can instead investigate if this blueprint is really necessary.
[dzin, Feb 27, 2013] Blocked on input
[dzin, April 4, 2013] Input received from Fathi. Scheduling to 2013.04.
[stevanr, 04-17-2013] Work on developing smart files-pattern transformations, but in order to develop it to be completely deterministic, a DFA minimization would need to be used, and there's only one python lib currently under development which can work with that -
[stevanr, 04-17-2013] Will try to develop a small set of tools to support at least '*' in the file name patter, that seems not as complicated as working on deterministic finit automaton. It would go out of the scope of the goals we're trying accomplish here.
[gesha, 04-18-2013] Vendor tarballs are updated with new BUILD-INFO.txt which includes *.txt as open artifacts.
[stevanr, 04-19-2013] Combined BUILD-INFO files support added. There's no pattern combinate, the splicing is done in a way that each pattern is replaced by individual filename pattern.. All the paragraphs with same options are merged into one.
[stevanr, 04-22-2013] Changing the first WI description since we already have vendor tarballs which already includes support for howtos in their BUILD-INFOs.
[stevanr, 04-23-2013] OPEN-EULA.txt generating code removed from HOWTO's as part of,3544
[stevanr, 04-26-2013] Add additional work item for deployment and testing.
[gesha, 04-30-2013] Successful build with merging of build-info.txt and flattened howtos:

Headline: Publish android build howtos along with the build artifacts themselves.
Acceptance: New android build artifacts and their howtos are all in the same top-level directory on, protected by a common BUILD-INFO.txt file.
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Work Items

Work items:
[stevanr] Remove OPEN-EULA.txt creation for HOWTOs ( DONE
[stevanr] Drop EULA.txt/OPEN-EULA.txt creation from lp:linaro-android-build-tools: DONE
[stevanr] Develop tools to combine two (or more) BUILD-INFO.txt files with smart files-pattern transformations: DONE
[gesha] Modify android publishing to move howtos to the top-level directory: DONE
[gesha] Combine BUILD-INFO files if needed after moving howtos to the top-level directory: DONE
[vishalbhoj] Update filename pattern for publishing on jenkins if needed (use lp:linaro-android-build-tools utils/mangle-jobs/push-artifacts-set.mangle): DONE
[gesha] Deploy accross multiple platforms and do smoke tests: DONE

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