Publishing and frontend for Linaro Android private builds

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Due to commitments to our members, there're code and feature we may not yet release as Open Source, but would like to develop and test. So, we need "private" environment for some of Android builds. A publishing interface and frontend for will be created.

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Alexander Sack
Georgy Redkozubov
Georgy Redkozubov
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Fathi Boudra
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Georgy Redkozubov

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[pfalcon 2012-04-12] Devel sandbox:
[gesha 2012-04-12] Discussed with asac the name of user for android-private builds: ~linaro-android-private
[gesha 2012-04-12] RT ticket for openid auth:
[gesha 2012-04-12] RT ticket for users on mombin:
[pfalcon 2012-04-13] Frontend changes were deployed to production
[pfalcon 2012-04-13] Publishing artifacts finished with error which we can't resolve due to lack of access
[gesha 2012-04-16] Successfull build with new publish script
[pfalcon 2012-04-18] Any POSTPONED WIs have a sense of SUPERSEDED/CANCELLED
[dzin 2012-04019] Please link the branch that needs reviewing
[gesha 2012-04-25] Removed POSTPONED work item since it is cancelled

Headline: An option is now available in the Android build page to select the restricted build group and configure Jenkins build to use the template to create private builds.
Acceptance: A member of the restricted build group is able to create a private build, private artifacts are landed in correct place on snapshots.l.o and are protected by openid. A non member will not be able to access the private build interface.


Work Items

Work items:
[gesha] Decide on username for android-private builds: DONE
[gesha] File a RT ticket to setup openid auth with access to linaro team for the ~linaro-android-private/ directory: DONE
[gesha] File a RT ticket to create 'linaro-android-build-publish' and 'linaro-android-build-publish-trigger' users on with appropriate setup: DONE
[gesha] Setup test build to ensure that artifacts are landed in correct place and are protected: DONE
[pfalcon] Change Android build frontend to support multiple groups (umbrella WI): DONE
[pfalcon] Support multiple tabs for builds owned by different groups in frontend: DONE
[pfalcon] Allow users to create build for any group they are members of: DONE
[pfalcon] Support per-group job templates: DONE
Fix job details page issue brought by openid auth: DONE

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