Include STE kernel test suite in LAVA and CI

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STE has an LTP based testsuite available at;a=summary
We should look at getting these supported in LAVA and CI for igloo kernel builds

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Paul Larson
Le Chi Thu
appalanaidu bade
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Fathi Boudra
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Neil Williams

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[le-chi-thu, 2012-01-17] I have done some investigation of the git. The git is not able to build because it content dependencies to the STE tool chain. These dependencies need to remove. The tests are low level test. They have dependency to the kernel. So they must build together with the kernel and run in kernel context. This means we need to build the tests when build the kernel. The kernel binary should include the tests. The normal LTP tests are user space tests. They only have dependency to standard Linux API.
[fboudra, 2012-03-22] re-target to 2012.04.
[le-chi-thu, 2012-03-23] Discussion with Fathi about test case build integration in linaro CI. See
[fboudra, 2012-03-30] Marked as blocked. We should discuss, align the plan with ST-E and make sure we use the correct and up-to-date LTP tree to avoid extra work. It will be recommended to know the delta with upstream.
[le-chi-thu, 2012-04-04] I have clean up the STE LTP test cases and now the git is on igloo community. git://
The lava-test is also updated with a new test named ltp-snowball-tests
[le-chi-thu, 2012-04-24] Blocked by validation lab is down. No way to test the CI changes to include the snowball ltp test.
[le-chi-thu, 2012-05-14] Waiting for the MP to merge and deploy.
[le-chi-thu, 2012-05-25] CI add testplan is in place. The STE snowball LTP test git in igloo has updated and the lava-test test defintion has to update.
[le-chi-thu, 2012-05-31] The lava-test test definition has updated and merged to trunk and tested manually by submitting job to the LAVA. I have not able to test the CI since it is blocked by the bug
[doanac, 2012-06-08] I will investigate what we need to get this into CI
[fboudra, 2012-06-29] Put back in the backlog
[doanac, 2012-07-02] appalanaidu bade checking with ChiThu about this

Headline: CI and LAVA support Snowball kernel test cases
Acceptance: Snowball kernel testcases are run on LAVA when a new igloo kernel build is done


Work Items

Work items:
Get the latest version of Snowball kernel test cases: DONE
Get them build together with igloo kernel for snowball : DONE
Create the lava-test test wrapper : DONE
Update the kernel test job to include the snowball kernel test cases : DONE
Update the lava-test test definition to match the changes of STE snowball tests in the igloo git : DONE
Final test in CI : TODO

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