Allow boards to be put in maintenance mode

Registered by Dave Pigott on 2011-07-05

Quite often, we have been in the position of having to update the image of a board, but the board is busy for most of the time. It would be very useful to be able, through the scheduler, to request that the board be put into "maintenance mode" such that, when the current task (if any) has completed running, nothing more will be scheduled on that board until the requester has taken it out of maintenance mode. When the board is available for maintenance, the requester will be sent an e-mail telling them that it is available. Once they have completed the task they will, again through the scheduler, say that the board is once again available to the farm for tests, and jobs will once again be submitted.

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Paul Larson
Michael Hudson-Doyle
Michael Hudson-Doyle
Series goal:
Accepted for linaro-11.11
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milestone icon 2011.09
Started by
Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2011-08-22
Completed by
Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2011-08-31

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Headline: LAVA can now be be put into a state to finish the jobs already in progress, but not start new ones so that a maintenance window can be created.

Acceptance: A board can be marked offline (or similar state) and the current running job will complete, but no additional work will be started until it is marked idle/online again.


Work Items

Work items:
Add model methods to take a device on- and off-line: DONE
Add buttons to take a device on- and off-line: DONE
Arrange to send email when a device goes offline: POSTPONED

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