Upgrade mphackbox to latest release

Registered by Dave Pigott

Upgrade mphackbox to 13.04 and latest firmware as per this e-mail from Serge:

Hello Dave,

Your help is needed and this is something we'd like to do ASAP.

We need your help with items #1 (upgrade the FW/13.04 release), #2 (the
additional serial connection) and #3 (a shell on a PC connected to the
board) below.

Is it something you could do for us? When that could be done?

On 15.05.13 14:05 -0600, Mathieu Poirier wrote:
The cause of the lockup problem may have been found but we'll see about
that soon enough when our friends at ARM reproduce it.

On our side we need to start thinking about validating that the fix is
good and works as advertised. Problem is, it can take up to five full
days of testing before we hit the condition. Since we all have work to
do holding a board for 5 days is not an option.

Talking to Naresh I understand that we have a board that is lightly used
at this time: "mphackbox". As such I think it would be a perfect
candidate for this 5 day marathon.

In terms of setup we need to:

1) Upgrade mphackbox to the latest and greatest FW and the 13.04 release.

2) On mphackbox the serial port currently in use is called "uart0". For
this to work we also need "uart3" to be connected. Uart3 is located
directly to the left of uart0, on the same level. This step is
important as it is through uart3 that we will see the error message
coming up.

3) Use or adapt the attached script to work in that environment, which
might be the most difficult part. The script is currently using
'ttyUSB0' to give commands (via uart0) to the system. If we want to do
this testing with minimal efforts the PC from which the script is
launched must have a direct connection to mphackbox.

Serge and Amit, could you please follow up on this. We need this to be
running before we can test the fix coming from ARM. That way we'll know
if mphackbox is prone to the same failures.


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[dpigott: 20-May-2013] Connected second serial port to serial4 7016

Headline: mphackbox now upgraded to latest firmware and 13.04 release and extra serial port available on telnet
Acceptance: mphackbox available for test


Work Items

Work items:
Upgrade mphackbox to 13.04: DONE
Upgrade mphackbox firmware: DONE
Attach serial port 3 to cyclades: DONE
Document serial port access: DONE

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