Update toolchain pandas to support hard and soft float

Registered by Dave Pigott on 2012-11-09

Michael Hope has asked me to switch 3 of the toolchain pandas (the broken one and two others) over to hard float. His e-mail:

Hi Dave. Paul's looking at moving my cbuild stuff into LAVA but I may
need to take a shortcut. We have six Pandaboards at the moment with
five functioning. If I got you a hard float image and kernel, could
you reinstall two of the boards and fix up the broken one? That'd
give me three soft float and three hard float boards and let me turn
off the boards in my office.

Could I also steal one or two permanently from the pool? Perhaps a
Pandaboard ES to use for benchmarks?

-- Michael

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Dave Pigott
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Started by
Dave Pigott on 2012-12-06
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Dave Pigott on 2012-12-13



2012-12-05 update. The tarball is mildly behind the build scripts. Remeber to do the following changes:

 * change ~/.ssh/config to the cbuild.validation setup
   Host cbuild-master
     Hostname toolchain64
 * Nuke ~/.config/cbuild/cbuildrc
 * Nuke ~/.wgetrc if in lab to disable the proxy
 * Change /lib/ld-linux.so.3 to /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ld-linux.so.3
 * chmod +s /sbin/reboot
 * dpkg-reconfigure dash -> set bash as default shell

I've checked and updated the hardware repo linked to this blueprint. In particular see distros/precise/r1 for the scripts used to build and prebuilt copies of the kernel and other boot files.

I've put a pre-built image up at:

Dave, please install this on tcpanda01, tcpanda02, and a PandaBoard ES from the pool.

Rough steps:
 * Partition a SD card in the OMAP way
 * Put the files in distro/precise/r1/files/* in the boot partition
 * Partition and mkfs.ext4 a USB flash drive
 * Extract the auto-build-precise-r1 tarball into the flash drive
 * Set an IP address (DHCP preferred) in etc/network/interfaces
 * Set a hostname in etc/hostname
 * Install in the board
 * Boot!

The board should appear at http://ex.seabright.co.nz/helpers/scheduler. The users are toolchain (admin) and cbuild.

Headline: TBD
Acceptance: TBD


Work Items

Work items:
Put a panda-es aside from LAVA: DONE
Partition SD card as OMAP: DONE
Move files from distro/precise/r1/files/* to the boot partition: DONE
Partition and mkfs.ext4 3 USB flashdrives: DONE
Extract the auto-biuld-precise-r1 tarball into the flash drive: DONE
Set DHCP in /etc/network/interfaces: DONE
Set hostname in /etc/hostnames: DONE
Install USB flashdrive in boards: DONE

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