Instrumenting lab hardware for testing

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What kinds of things could we add for enabling more tests and better testing? Some ideas are things like:
* Jtag
* wifi APs
* audio connections
* USB devices (would something like a usb stick in every board be useful? enough? too much? not enough?)
* hdmi capture

Session notes:
Andy Green said that he doesn't want to commit regressions to public git
did casual testing adhoc testing on his own, has tried to formalize when these things worked, which branch was tested, making an html table of these testable things as a text file
sounds like a use for lava-qatracker as these are mostly manual tests
Are there improvements we could make that would make it possible to automate these things?
Tests we would like to be doing:

    audio capture

    can do this on the same board even

    hdmi capture, even video

    there is a card (black magic design) for roughly US$175

    do these capture EDID?

    can you fake EDID?

    bootloader testing

    power management testing

    Anticipate to have first samples from Dave Anders in December for these devices

    a crappy ammeter will still be useful for catching regressions

    varous things involving JTAGs

    usb gadgets

    simulate attaching and detaching keyboards and mice?

    want to test both modes of OTG port

    on panda, ethernet is a host usb asset, and this is true of many other boards as well, so it's more important to test the musb

    WIFI AP connect/disconnect/traffic

    zyga concerned that it might be flakey

    Andy said that in his experience it's not so bad with wifi/bluetooth

    Bluetooth? Have something it can pair with and do something

    bluetooth access point and do obex push

    may be limited to 7-21 devices or so per AP

    device that converts serial to keyboard input ~$50

Add back scheduler ability to support tags on devices so that we can describe the capabilities needed
Can we provide a framework for allowing others to do some of the work?
Can we coordinate with Canonical's HW testing teams?
Andy's opinion of priorities here:
hdmi - this seems to break frequently
wifi to a much lesser degree, because his patches don't risk breaking this so much
ACTION: Talk to ricardo, deepak about the testsuites they are working on and their sense of priorities also
199$ HDMI + analog + audio capture card with linux support:
bootloader testing
- implement soft solution now, evaluate HW solutions to see if we can do this universally

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HDMI catpture + celery + spare box = video archive for selected tests (I so wanted to do this) :)


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