Make snowball boards available in LAVA

Registered by Paul Larson

User Stories:
As a Linaro engineer, I would like to see test results on Snowball boards

Blueprint information

Paul Larson
Paul Larson
Needs approval
Dave Pigott
Series goal:
Accepted for linaro-11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2011.10
Started by
Paul Larson
Completed by
Fathi Boudra

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[pwlars 20110719] - I've been working quite a bit on this, and have made some good progress towards making it work in the dispatcher, but I'm blocked on instability at the moment. The kernel we currently have for the master image spews a LOT of errors, and sometimes hangs on boot. It's also very unreliable with networking. Unless something changes in the next day or so, we will push this to next month.
[pwlars 20110721] - I landed trial support for this in the dispatcher, but we have yet to have a successful test yet, and there could be something wrong with the startfiles on the boards currently imaged. Working with the landing team to figure out why new hwpacks are not working for us. Even though this is mostly complete I think, I'm pushing the milestone to next because it can't be proven to work currently as blocked.
[pwlars 20110728] - dpigott tried to update the master image but the new hwpacks fail. LT is working on it and will let us know when it's fixed. Current issues with riff killing the board, and networking doesn't work.
[fboudra, Sep 1 2011] Acceptance criteria is missing.
[pwlars, Sep 8 2011] Acceptance criteria added.
[pwlars, Sep 22 2011] Re-target to 2011.10
[pwlars, Oct 17 2011] Added snowball to daily runs
[fboudra, 2011-10-25] Remove master image documentation WI.

Headline: LAVA is now running tests on Snowball boards.

Acceptance: A job can be submitted to deploy and run tests on a snowball board successfully.


Work Items

Work items:
Acquire extra hardware needed (power supplies, usb hubs, etc): DONE
Test example hwpack with a linaro image: DONE
Mount and cable snowball boards in rack: DONE
[pwlars] Investigate whether changes are needed to the dispatcher: DONE
[pwlars] Add support for snowball in dispatcher: DONE
Install master image: DONE
[pwlars] investigate workarounds for license acceptance issues: DONE
[pwlars] Enable daily runs: DONE

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