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Registered by Fathi Boudra on 2011-08-29

We want to start using the Validation farm part time as a build farm.

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Fathi Boudra
Fathi Boudra
Dave Pigott
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Accepted for linaro-11.11
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milestone icon 2011.10
Started by
Fathi Boudra on 2011-10-04
Completed by
Dave Pigott on 2011-10-06

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[fboudra, 2011-08-31] sending six boards to Michael is blocked.
[fboudra, 2011-10-04] using six boards from the thirty boards available in the farm.

Headline: The Toolchain WG can now use a build farm, hosted in Validation farm.

Acceptance: The Toolchain WG is able to connect to the build farm, run builds and benchmarks, get the results.

Once complete this means:
 * Validation take ownership of the hardware and any ongoing maintenance
 * Toolchain have increased capacity
 * The boards are in a better environment (more reliable network, power, etc)
 * Toolchain continue to manage the custom CI and benchmarking software
 * Toolchain continue run any builds and process any results

In the future Validation will incrementally replace this custom software with LAVA.

Note that the installation needs someone from the Cambridge office to plug the box in and may need basic fixing (plug things back in, etc).

The boards are very reliable but may need a manual reset now and again.

The assembled unit may get damaged in transit and may need minor maintenance during installation.

Michael will document the system enough to reproduce the boards, reproduce the software, and perform basic installation and maintenance. Visual Method Sheet style with lots of pictures is probably easiest.


Work Items

Work items:
Get agreement from Validation on maintenance and direction: DONE
[dpigott] use six boards the thirty boards available in the farm: DONE
Source hardware: DONE
Assemble: DONE
Install software: DONE
Test: DONE
Document setup and basic maintenance: DONE
Ship to Cambridge: DONE
Install and debug at Cambridge: DONE

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