Investigate Failed Android Jobs

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<doanac> I'm not sure you've seen my health job failures doc:
<doanac> we have a lot of panda's failing because the android image we chose isn't always coming up.
<doanac> it happens for various reasons. some kernel, sometime the home screen doesn't come up, sometimes it comes up too slow
<liuyq> about the FAST, I write a little to our private-validation
<doanac> that would be great. thanks
<doanac> zach mentioned in a meeting I had with him that we'd probably get more stability if we used an AOSP build instead of the tilt-tracking we were trying
<liuyq> sorry, I will the investigation about the android fails
<doanac> I was wondering if you could set up a test job(s) to try some AOSP images in the lab. You could execute a few different AOSP builds say 20 times
<doanac> and see which passes the most boot tests
<doanac> then do a job with our current health image for panda and see what's the best image


[liuyq0307, 2012-05-25]from the panda images, suggest using the stable images, there is no kernel related problems.
[liuyq0307, 2012-06-07]There is no problem after android booted up.
[liuyq0307, 2012-06-27]Update CTS test related scripts, and hope that can make failure less

Headline: Investigation conducted into causes for failed Android jobs in LAVA
Acceptance: Failure rates of android jobs are shown to have improved
Roadmap id: CARD-128


Work Items

Work items:
[liuyq0307] Investigate Failed Android Jobs: DONE
[doanac] Create the health job for pandaboard with the best Android images: DONE
Resolve the imaged download failed problem. Resolved via try 5 times temporarily now. should be resolved by the sd mux job.: DONE
[liuyq0307] resolve the timeout problem that after android booted up: DONE

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