Ensure lava can deploy android images on mx53 boards

Registered by Paul Larson on 2011-10-25

We should make sure that android deployment works properly with mx53 boards

Blueprint information

Paul Larson
Paul Larson
Spring Zhang
Series goal:
Accepted for linaro-11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2011.12
Started by
Spring Zhang on 2011-11-10
Completed by
Fathi Boudra on 2011-12-16


[pwlars, 2011-10-25] If bugs are found, please file them and link them to the blueprint. We might have to delay adding this to the ci loop if we don't get new boards by then, but at least it will be ready to go when we get there.
[qzhang, 2011-11-15] lava-android-test item is blocked by LP: #837830, can't debug it if system crashes soon.
[qzhang, 2011-12-12] Blocked by lack of i.MX53 Ripley boards. What's more, Android can't work with an available Ethernet on ripley board for no ripley code support in Nov builds.
[qzhang, 2011-12-12] Pushed to 2012.01 seems a reasonable date.
[fboudra, 2011-12-12] Milestone target shouldn't be changed before post mortem and planning for next cycle.
[qzhang, 2011-12-13] Ripley Ethernet is fine now in my tried release today. USB can't work on Ripley but it doesn't block i.MX53 android.
[qzhang, 2011-12-19] In fact, the second WI is not done for it's unable to test for a flash crash after bootup on Android. Anyway, I'll fix the bugs we may meet in the future.

Headline: LAVA runs Android testing on i.MX53 boards
Acceptance: LAVA/Android run CI loops on i.MX53 boards and result displayed on kernel CI view
Roadmap id: LAVA2011-KERNEL-CI


Work Items

Work items:
Test local deployment with i.MX53 using the dispatcher: DONE
Test lava-android-test with android on i.MX53: DONE
Add i.MX53 testing to Android CI tests: DONE

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