Prototyping of Galaxy Nexus Support

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We need to add support for the Galaxy Nexus phone into LAVA. The main thing we need from this technically is a new target implementation in the dispatcher. The total amount of work will probably span two cycles. This blueprint is mostly in place to perform the initial investigation and protyping. The follow-up work to this should result in code merged and a phone deployed.

Blueprint information

Andy Doan
Andy Doan
Antonio Terceiro
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 2013.01
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Fathi Boudra
Completed by
Antonio Terceiro



[fboudra, 2012-12-20] no WIs delivered for 2012.12, carrie over 2013.01.

Headline: Early prototyping of galaxy nexus completed for LAVA support
Acceptance: We understand what's needed to support this in LAVA. We have a dev branch with some early prototype work.
Roadmap Id: CARD-230

required packages on the host:

how to flash the images:
  fastboot erase boot
  fastboot flash user user.img
  fastboot flash system system.img

how to boot the device:
  fastboot reboot
  fastboot boot boot.img

how to power cycle without software interaction:
  power off (remove battery)
  power on (plug battery)
  fastboot reboot
  fastboot boot boot.img

hardware setup needed:
  remote PDU
  adapter to connect the battery pins to a power outlet (remember to match the polarities!)

documentation will go into the following wik page:


Work Items

Work items for 2012.11:
purchase the required parts to plug the phone to non-battery power-supply: DONE

Work items for 2013.01:
purchase a remote PDU to be able to test the entire LAVA workflow: DONE
write a new device type implementation for the nexus: DONE
test the implementation against lava-test-shell: DONE
test the implementation against lava-android-test: DONE
stress test power cycling (worst case: power-off while writing to internal storage): DONE
document the hardware and software setup required to put a Nexus phone in LAVA: DONE

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