Test Result display in launch-control

Registered by James Westby

Improvements to the way test results are displayed in launch-control, to allow for looking for
regressions, etc.

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James Westby
Zygmunt Krynicki
Needs approval
Zygmunt Krynicki
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Accepted for 0.3
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Started by
Zygmunt Krynicki
Completed by
Zygmunt Krynicki


Status: Progress, deployment started


Work Items

Work items:
Implement restricted resource management for privacy of reports and other related objects: DONE
Implement entry point helper for dynamic report dispatch: DONE
Implement entry-point glue for displaying existing report (delegating the UI for report data to the report plugin): DONE
Implement entry-point glue for report configuration (delegating the UI for report configuration to the report plugin): DONE
Implement entry-point glue for configuring a new report (delegating the UI for new report wizard to the report plugin): DONE
Implement report list in the sidebar: DONE
Implement remove report feature: DONE
Implement add new report feature: DONE
Implement edit report settings and configuration: DONE
Implement demo report showing all implemented features except for data sources: DONE
Implement basic unit tests for entry point code: POSTPONED
Move the generic elements of restricted resource view code back into restricted resource (generic restricted views): POSTPONED
Implement basic unit tests for generic restricted views: POSTPONED
Implement basic DataSource feature (and figure out the design) so that report plugins can expose data in a generic way: DONE
Design and implement data source snapshots for reliable historical reports: POSTPONED
Implement glue for XML-RPC and DataSource so that it's possible to query for data from existing reports programmatically: POSTPONED
Extend demo report to make use of data sources: DONE
Extend launch-control-tool to be able to interact with data sources and render any report data as simple table: POSTPONED
Propose for inclusion in launch-control (as a dependency): DONE
Create debian package for django-repots: DONE
Create debian package for django-pagination: DONE
Create debian package for django-restricted-resource: DONE
Create debian package for linaro-django-jsonfield: DONE
Backport django 1.2.5 to lucid: DONE
Backport simplejson 2.1 from maverick to lucid: DONE
Create debian-package for launch-control: DONE
Add PostgreSQL support to launch-control: DONE
Deploy on validation.linaro.org: DONE
Deploy on dashboard.linaro.org: TODO

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