Accessible schema documentation

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Accessible schema documentation.

User Stories:
As a LAVA user I'd like to learn about the bundle format (schema) so that I may understand better what information can be stored in the system.

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Paul Larson
Zygmunt Krynicki
Zygmunt Krynicki
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Accepted for linaro-11.11
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milestone icon 2011.10
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Zygmunt Krynicki
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Fathi Boudra



[pwlars, Jul 7 2011] Should this be broken up into a few smaller ones? Perhaps start with just "document the json schema" and go from there?
[fboudra, Sep 1 2011] Acceptance criteria is missing.
[pwlars, Sep 8 2011] Acceptance criteria added.
[fboudra, Sep 8 2011] blueprint re-targeted to 2011.10.
[fboudra, Oct 10 2011] Update Headline/Acceptance: documentation should be available on
[zyga Oct 21 2011]
[fboudra, 2011-10-25] Move the 4 remaining blueprints to the next cycle: accessible-schema-documentation-2011.11

Headline: Online documentation about the results bundle format can now be viewed from

Acceptance: Result bundle format documentation can be viewed on


Work Items

Work items:
Add ReST documentation stub (linaro-dashboard-bundle): DONE
Host versioned documentation on DONE
Describe terminology used by LAVA tests, test cases, test runs, test results, test result outcome: DONE
Describe the concept of dashboard bundles as document containers (linaro-dashboard-bundle / ReST): DONE
Describe all key properties of a test result and their intended purpose: DONE
Describe backwards compatibility guarantees (linaro-dashboard-bundle /ReST): POSTPONED
Describe migration requirements for application developers using particular document version (linaro-dashboard-bundle /ReST): POSTPONED
Document how to ask questions about the schema, create FAQ and link it to Validation knowledge base: TODO
Provide "view schema" option based on real schema data (lava-dashboard + linaro-dashboard-bundle): POSTPONED
Ensure that 1.3 format schema is well documented (linaro-dashboard-bundle): DONE
Provide a collection of representative examples (TBD) to be used with another blueprint for bundle viewer: DONE

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