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** Some details discussion can be seen in the thread titled as "About the sync up on Monday".
Now Android team has such a requirement:
1. They have a test command list file.
2. They want the command in the file can be executed on LAVA lab one by one
3. There are the possibility that the command in the file could cause the target android to reboot/freeze/power down,
     but the reboot should not block the next command execution.
     Here don't know if we can start up the target after it was powered down.
4. Android team member can also use that command list file to execute the tests in their local machine locally. like by invoke one command with the command list file specified.

And this BP if created to discuss the resolution for this requirement.
Resolution and discussion can be written in the Whiteboard under the Notes section.

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[2012-03-19, liuyq0307] Resolution one
with lava-dispatch we can handle the reboot case, so suggest Android Team member to use the lava-dispatch command instead of lava-android-test
1. Android Team provides a lava job file in git or somewhere.
   Or Android Team provides a test command list file, and validation provide a
   tool/function for converting that list file to lava job file
2. android-build submit the lava-job file with right images url to lava-server,
   then Validation Lab will execute the test defined in the job file
3. Android Team member deploys the android image to his device,
   and attach the device to his local machine.
   Android Team member sets the precondition for using lava-dispatch, like conmux settings
   Use lava-dispath command with the job file to run the tests on his local machine.

[2012-03-22, liuyq0307] First make android-build can support specification of android command and android command file, without considering the reboot matter


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