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Registered by Curtis Hovey on 2009-12-01

As an Ubuntu contributor,
I want to link the most important packages to upstream projects,
so that bugs and patches are forwarded, releases are packaged, and translations are imported.


* The distro's development series +index page has a prominent portlet listing the 10 most importance packages that need linking.
  * There is a link to the +needs-packaging page.
  * There is a link to the +packaging page
  * Bug 487793: Distroseries portlet for packages that need linking.

* The +needs-packaging page has a listing of the packages that need linking, ordered from most important to least. Each package is linked to the series +source page.
  * Is there enough information in the package name to offer a direct
    link to set the packaging link?
  * Bug 487793: This information is in +packages, but must be separate and
    must be ordered by an heuristic rule involving bugs, translations,
    and packages.

* The +packaging page has a listing of packages and their linked
  upstream project. Each package is linked the series +source page.
  The upstream project is linked to its +packages page. It should be
  obvious from the package and upstream pairs that there is a problem
  if their names are very different.
  * Is there enough information in the package name to offer a direct
    link to edit the packaging link?
  * Bug 204121: The packaging link currently goes to the series source
    package +packaging page that is redundant and static

* The distro series +source page suggests upstream projects when the
  packaging link is not set. The link takes the user +edit-packaging
  page. When there is a packaging link, the portlet indicates/prompts
  for the bug tracker, linked branch/code import.
  * The name of the source package is often the name of the upstream.
  * It may be feasible to allow the user to set the link directly
    from this page if there is only one series to choose from.
  * If there are no matches, should the user be prompted to register
    the upstream project?
  * Bug 490518: The upstream association portlet does suggest possible
    upstream projects.
  * Bug 490521: The upstream association portlet should indicate if the
    bug tracker or linked branch is missing.
  * bug 256197: Upstream link does not explain why the link is with a
    project series

* The source package +edit-packaging page lists possible upstreams when
  the link is not set. The form clearly asks the user to locate and
  project using the picker and choose a series. If the user provides
  just the project, the development series is selected automatically.
  * Bug 489335: it is not clear that the syntax is <project>/<series>
  * Bug 433809: project series search fails if it contains a slash
  * Bug 99395: Allow the user to provide just the project.
  * Bug 162754: Prompt the user to register the upstream project

* projects +new-upstream must prompt the user to provide a bug tracker
  and a code import--the default series must be linked to the code


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