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== suggestion-approve-rejection-explanation ==

 * Overview: "Reason" field for the translators' benefit when accepting/rejecting suggestions.
 * Goal/Deliverables: Give input to translators that add suggestions to the system, about the quality of their suggestions and why is being used or not.
 * Full spec: none
 * Depends on: n/a

We will know we have finished when reviewers have an option to offer an explanation about the selected translation.}}}

=== Implementation ===

  * Use pocomment table, drop columns potranslation and language, add column posubmission, set person to not null.
  * Discard new suggestions (internally, set `date_reviewed`, but don't change anything else), discussion with mpt on the UI
  * Provide a field for any translation update to add comment (which will be added to pocomment table, linked to each local posubmission [if new translation is provided, to that one; if suggestions have been discarded or only one of many has been approved, to all of them])

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the way I put it:

I think it would be very useful to give the translators a place for a note, under every line(string) most of them notes wouldn't be used, but sometimes it would be great to have a way to inform other translators why the choice for a particular form was made it could look like that - the extra form is displayed, only in the 1 string view, so id doesen't mess up the multiple strings view, but in the multiple view, theres a small icon informing that there is a note attached to this translation that would be cool to inform other translations why that particular form was used or what was wrong with their ver

shoutcast/wiki in the general/trank view for each language might be useful so a information could be passed to everybody working on a project, the left bar might be even a better place, just where the stats a project groups are - just another expandable box

The easiest solution for translator would be a explaination line under each string. (optional/dropdown?/only in details?)


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